WIG 015 - Hunting at Walmart


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Help support Fealty Arms in preserving our 2nd amendment rights

You may not have heard of Fealty Arms yet, but chances are you will. They are a startup arms manufacturer based in Phoenix, AZ creating quite a buzz in the firearms community online. They are currently hosting a crowd sourcing campaign via RocketHub, a popular venue among startups in which goods are gifted in exchange for financial backing to seed startup capital. Fealty Arms is currently holding their campaign to fund the build out and tooling of their shop and are quickly gaining momentum toward reaching their goal, by offering their backers Billet 80% AR 15 Lower Receivers for a minimum contribution of $65. Why 80% Lower Receivers, according to the frequently asked questions section of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms website, “per provisions of the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968, 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44, an unlicensed individual may make a “firearm” as defined in the GCA for his own personal use, but not for sale or distribution.”  Therefore since there is some work required to render one of these 80% Lower Receivers complete they are legal unregistered and unlicensed once completed. Fealty Arms is taking a fairly unconventional approach to the market, utilizing their immersion in their social network to fuel their marketing campaign and planning to maintain their supporter’s involvement by, “utilizing your feedback in design and development of new platforms, and formulating concepts to improve existing platforms through community based incentivized campaigns.” Co-Founder Jesse Frick defines their approach as, “Building a business through the firearms community, for the firearms community.” In an age of interaction overload, this concept sounds promising, to say the least. For further details follow the link below or scan the QR code with your Smartphone.


You may have heard about the suicide that occurred at a Dick's store outside Philly about a week ago. Well I was at that very store the day before (yeah back by the guns) with my 4 yr old son. Coincidentally I will be picking up my CCW permit this week and it raises an ethical question - it also reinforced my decision to obtain my permit.

What responsibility do you have to stop a potential disaster? In hindsight, this event ended without any innocent people killed. However the guy pulled a gun on the clerk and demanded he remove the trigger lock from a 12 gauge and grabbed ammo. Fortunately he ordered the clerk to leave. This could've been a massacre.

I keep wondering what I would've done if I was a witness to this while armed, but with my 4 yr old son. Leaving the store would've been the best thing to do with how this unfolded, but I don't know how I'd live with myself if I was safe in the parking lot with a loaded firearm and this guy killed 10 people. Obviously if the guy were a direct threat to my family or me, stopping him would be a no brainer. Would you guys have dropped him if you saw him draw on the clerk? He apparently walked around the store for a while with a loaded 12 gauge before barricading himself in the bathroom.

I thought this might be a good discussion. Thanks and I enjoy the show.

Guy kills himself at Dicks