WIG 014 - Print Your Own Firearm


Welcome to This Week In Guns, the podcast that covers the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz.  Brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network.  I’m your host Mike from the God and Guns podcast with Reed from The AR-15 Podcast, and Greg Bakken theee oppressed California Gun owner.

Police Departments Beg And Barter For Ammo While DHS Buys Up 1.6 Billion Rounds In Past Year


DefCad Audio clip from youtube

Thousands Line Up Outside Cal Expo Gun Show To Buy Ammunition

Assault weapons ban dropped from Senate gun control bill

How the N.R.A. Rates Lawmakers

Family’s Home Raided over Facebook Photo of Child’s Rifle


Listener Voicemail- Ryan

Listener Feedback:

Hey guys,

Just listened to your episode with Evil Roy. He was talking about a place to move where the hippies won\'t come.  I live in such a place. Roosevelt Utah. The majority of people here are religious, and the major religion here is LDS. Shocking right? Its a very rural area. And the main industry here is the oil field. Also EVERYBODY is a hunter.  So there you have it. Rural Utah full of Mormons, Gun owners, Hunters, and Oil Field workers. Can you get more anti-hippie than that?

Oh and another thing Utah just got graded a 0 on the \"Brady\" grading scale. That means we are doing something right.

Great podcast guys. Just had to throw in my two cents.

Stuart M