WIG 009 - Australian gun control visits the USA


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Main Topic: An Australian’s Perspective Neil,  Gun owner from Melbourne, Australia

  • What happened (before Port Arthur)
  • Steps afterwards
  • Protests
  • Political fallout
  • How’s life now (how to get a gun now and what guns can you have)(hunting?)(sporting?)

I Went After Guns. Obama Can, Too by John Howard

Former Federal, LP (Bennelong , NSW), former Prime Minister

"I hate guns. I don't think people should have guns unless they're police or in the military or in the security industry. Ordinary citizens should not have weapons. We do not want the American disease imported into Australia."

Phil Hudson The Age April 18,2002

Weapons prohibited here in Victoria, Austraila

FBI Crime stats

The economic costs of violence in Chicago

Dorner was hiding in nearby condo during manhunt

Obama: Urban violence "not just a gun issue"

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