WIG 007 - Free Food, Joe Biden, and ATF Failures


Welcome to This Week In Guns, the podcast that covers the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz.Brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network.  I’m your host Jake Challand this is cohost Mike and Hank from Gun Guy Radio, joining us is Reed Snyder from the AR-15 Podcast,  Greg Bakken an oppressed California gun owner, and Zeke from the talking Lead Podcast.

Hot Springs restaurant gives free food to gun rights supporters?

VP Joe Biden Interview

More people are shot with a glock than an AR AR is a small percentage of firearm violence VP Biden talks about swapping magazines, less magazines capacity could have saved 1 child’s life in hopes attacker “fumbles”. VP Biden says, a double barrel shotgun is better for self defense than an AR-15.  It’s easier to hit a target with a doubled barrel shotgun than an AR-15

VP Biden gives his definition of the 2nd amendment-Audio sucks

ATF's Milwaukee sting operation marred by mistakes, failures

Glock has new UK Armed Forces contract

Glock 17 Gen 4 replaced previous choice, the Browning Hi-Power 9mm in use for over 40 years 25,000 pistols by the end of March 2013

New Magpul MOE-K2 Grip

More vertical grip for shorter, compact rifle variations http://www.facebook.com/magpul

New Moe AK grip

Listener Feedback:

Dan O. We Illini have a couple of demonstrations at the State Capitol coming up. One on Friday February 8th at 10:00 am. I attended the last one in January on Sat the 19th.

It was a little disappointing as I  hoped for at least one thousand people but was closer to 500 people.I'm hoping for a improvement this next get together in Springfield on Friday the 8th at 10 am. In Jan.,  drove down by myself and could not find anyone local to me that was willing to do more than mouth the words and put them into action. Seems most gun owners just want to sit and assume it won't affect them.

Jed: Hey Jake,  Love your show(s).  (I listen to Gun Guy Radio too, and sent a question in last week.)  I have a big suggestion for your This Week in Guns format though. When I listen to the show, you guys all seem to have the same general opinions which comes off as flat and preachy.

May I suggest a format where you have differing opinions on guns and gun laws. Throw someone with some wildly liberal opinions on the BBQ now and then to counter your arguments and spice up the discussion. I’d like to hear another side to the story or another view now and then, instead of the 2 or 3 of you just patting each other on the back and agreeing with one another.

For instance, I think it was Justin that suggested having some kind of training before you can get a license to carry.  Can’t remember who else was on that show, but you guys kind of shut him down pretty quickly without much discussion.  I can’t agree more with Justin though.

You can’t get a license to drive a car without sit down classes and then live training with an instructor. That’s in addition to written testing and a live driving test. Not only that, but for most states there are several classes of driver’s licenses (one for motorcycles, semis, commercial vehicles, etc.) I’m not even going to go into car insurance.

Cars are dangerous, but we don’t ban cars. Instead, we train, we test, and if we prove that we’re both able-bodied and know what we’re doing, we can obtain a license. Why should we be able to operate a gun (any kind of gun) with nothing but a background check (if that)?

A lot of people including the NRA have suggested that we have guns in schools.  Wouldn’t we want the people carrying those guns in schools to have some kind of rigorous training, psychological testing and background check before they could carry firearms around our children?  Why shouldn’t every gun owner be required the same whether they’re carrying at Chuck E Cheese or sitting next to our kid in a movie theater?

Just think of this...Can a blind person get a license to operate a car? Stupid question, right? Can a blind person buy and operate a gun? Yep, you can be f-ing Helen Keller. Almost any old fool can own which is scary. But hey, 2nd Amendment, baby!

That’s the kind of arguments I’d like to see on your show. Get someone that can at least play Devil’s Advocate even if they do see eye to eye with you, and take a moment to discuss both sides.

Thanks for all you do, Jake. Keep 'em coming.