WIG 002 - Knee Jerk Reactions


Welcome to This Week In Guns, the podcast that covers the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz.Brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network.  I’m your host Jake Challand from Gun Guy Radio, this is Reed Snyder a former marine, full time Texan from the AR-15 Podcast and it’s my pleasure to welcome Greg Bakken an oppressed California gun owner.

Proposed ban http://www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/assault-weapons



Frank:  Now that cheaper than dirt is no longer selling guns. Any ideas of another site to use along with buds gunshop to compare prices against my local shops. Also do you know if there is a site online to look up used gun values? Have either of you used an ATI polymer AR lower? http://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2012/12/28/100-for-a-single-ar-15-g-i-magazine/

Justin:  On another note. Can you believe Dicks sporting removing there semi autos!? Good thing you got those parts for that AR build! Gun shops in my area sold out on all their AR's, mags, and accessories in the wake of the shooting in fear of a gun ban. I have something in my favor though, my new neighbor that owns 100 acres adjoining mine owns a local gun and shooting supply store!

Chris:  Tom and Jake Hello, I know tomorrow you will be talking about the shooting at Newtown Ct. I am quite for sure something Big will come out of this massacre from the President. I love my AR and my PX4, LCR, etc; But, I do believe after this massacre I am going to support harder background investigations. I don't want to give up my guns; however, I don't want those who shouldn't have a gun to have a gun. Now this may sound against what your show is about. I do want to continue to compete in IDPA and 3-gun competitions, and would feel like my rights would be infringed upon if I could no longer do that. We need not to say oh it's a shame, but guns don't kill people kill. I think it's time to come to a resolution and do something about these random maniacs using gun.  This time they were registered to the maniac’s mother. I have a concealed carry, maybe if everyone who owns these types of guns has a permit. Just like fishing and hunting license. Those who already have it are good, we already passed, were not the bad guys; however those who do not want the permit, I would be happy to run gun turn in station for those who don't want to comply. The can drop off their guns and get them back when they get a permit. If they are not turned in for scrap metal or added to my personal collection.  Probably need to physically ensure they are destroyed and not given to the mexican mafia, or any other gang affiliated knuckle heads. Hopefully, you will share my opinion. I believe it's not about forefathers any longer. I have spent 23 years in the service and am still going. I've spent years in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and places in between. It's hard to think you spend your life fighting for America, and our children are getting gunned downed in their own school from a mentally ill maniac.  What I believe is TODAY, NOW you, I, and all your listeners are the forefathers of our children, grandchildren and their children and so on. I think it's time to stop lying on our backs kicking and screaming about having our guns taken away. I would not like see see another episode like what just occurred happen again.  I know as responsible gun owners we can support some kind of resolution to keep children and fellow citizens safer. Encourage all who have a concealed carry weapon to carry. Michigan is leading the way by allowing those with concealed carry permits to carry, even in the school.  All States need to follow their lead.  Encourage Gun license, and stricter background investigations, however, the investigations have to be fair.  Those who have a mentally ill patient in their home and a medical doctor states there should be no firearms in the home, than that should be a factor. You can follow my lead on this or chew it up. Never-the-less I'm writing all my political leaders and asking them to endorse my ideas.

Dan from CT:  Hey guys, really enjoy your show & am excited about the AR podcast (I pray we will continue to have AR's to talk about after Fridays tragedy! I live 20 mins from the school & everyone is going bonkers-every AR, upper, 5.56 round, etc has been wiped off the shelves- enough on that, sorry). I downloaded all your podcast & listened to all the back episodes-really appreciate the effort to put out a great product! I have a feeling GGR is going to be super successful!

Joe:  I really enjoy the show. I have a request, that may seem too narrow for your show, but would be a huge help to me and I believe many others like me. I'm a teacher, and the recent days have been a challenge on all Americans, but teachers are particularly troubled because we are such soft targets with rooms full of softer targets. Most of the faculty here know I'm a tactical trunk monkey so many have asked what I would recommend doing if an active shooter were on campus. Beyond the obvious, get down, lock doors, stay quiet, is there any training or advice you could provide? I am a ccw holder, but obviously not something I can do on campus, not even down here in Texas. Short of beating the shooter to death with a Chemistry book, I'm out in the wind here. Any help would be great, even if it's just getting the conversation started that some real training needs to be implemented. Again, I really love the show and appreciate the rhetoric free attitude you've fostered with the show.

Stuart M:  Hey guys without getting political one can still talk about the huge gun control issue in the USA.

I just did a really quick search to prove my point that more people die and are killed by alcohol in the US, than by guns. By a LARGE margin. So large that the difference of deaths is the population of the county I live in. The COUNTY, not the town or surrounding area, the entire county!  But there is not ONE voice out there calling for prohibition. Why? Cuz it doesn't work!!

It would be interesting for everyone to hear. I just googled the two statistics. So maybe you guys could discuss this. And have the numbers in hand while you do. It is very powerful.

Just something to ponder and possibly bring up on the show. I only get to listen in spurts. so i get behind for a couple weeks, then catch up. So i'm not sure how much you have talked about this recently. Thanks