WIG 001 - Thoughts on the Recent Tragedy


Dustin Ellermann joins Mike, Reed and Jake from the Firearms Radio Network and they share some thoughts on the Recent Tragedy.Welcome to This Week In Guns, the podcast that covers the latest firearms industry news. Brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network.

Main Topics:  Recent Tragedy & Reactions

Gallop Survey

Gun rights advocates need to hold the line and not compromise.  Gun rights advocates have no faith in the promises of gun control advocates.  The slippery slope is hardest to reverse course on.  When the gun control advocates gain any leverage, they take as much as they can. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.  Gun rights advocates don’t seem to pursue a reversal of existing productive laws while the gun control advocates seem to always want to go another step further to restrict or curtail your 2nd amendment rights even more.

Just an observation: More than half the inventory at Cheaper Than Dirt was gone this morning, most of the shelves were bare and literally half or more of the guns in stock a month ago were gone today. (Reed)




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