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Jerah Hutchins -  Pistol instructor, Gun Range Consultant and board member of women’s campus carry advocacy program, emPOWERed


Kevin Dixie - Kevin is the owner and founder of No Other Choice firearms training and the man behind Aiming For The Truth, a community outreach program that is growing rapidly and having a profound impact







Top Stories


{Start Positive News…

Texas woman shoots man in the face as he tried to steal her car with her kids inside

IL couple charged in string of bank robberies using a stolen AK-47

Conservative students led Pro 2A marches in 10 cities

Ohio woman charged with straw purchase of a rifle used in attempted robbery

FL FFL found guilty of selling to known straw purchasers and felons

10 people with gang ties charged in CA for making guns illegally


//End Positive News}

CDC states heroin deaths surpassed gun deaths for the first time

Another P320 lawsuit. VA deputy sues Sig over shattered femur

Portland concealed carrier killed trying to break up a fight

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Changing views on the NRA could become a litmus test in upcoming elections

Left sees potential SCOTUS nominee as a 2nd Amendment extremist


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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):


**Each host picks a story to call their own**





92 year old woman kills son for trying to put her in a nursing home

Car full of fireworks explodes in Ohio after man lights firework inside of car

Florida man stabs girlfriend then drives wrong way on freeway, killing one other driver

CT woman charged with sexually assaulting her female employee

Mexican police lose their guns, get issued slingshots


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Texas man arrested for assaulting teen wearing a Trump hat

Concealed carry waitress defends coworker during restaurant attack

China has reportedly developed a Laser Rifle???

Charging handle neuters an AR-15 for restrictive states

US Army doubles down on Sig, awards more weapon contracts

Black Aces makes a semi auto Shockwave, still an SBS though

Puerto Rico gun sales up 37% after Hurricane Maria

Fox News only tells half the story on man sentenced to 18 months in jail for stabbing his attacker

Dallas costco robbed by men with a gun and a pickaxe

Child fires gun he found in an IKEA couch, gun owner charged

H&K's financial woes continue

Texas officer under investigation for pointing his gun at a group of teens