This Week in Guns 229 – CCW Reciprocity and Rock Island Auctions

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Tony Simon-Master of all things Hi Point

John Jackson a Aussie firearms owner living in the USA

Kenny Ortega - Producer of This Week in Guns, former police officer, range master, and gun store manager.


Patch of the month - Lady Liberty


Top Stories

National Reciprocity has 212 cosponsors in the house

Reciprocity bill needs your help to get it passed

10 most expensive guns at Rock Island auction

Silencershop promo, buy your tax stamp, pay for can when Form 4 gets approved

High school teacher tackles active shooter

Teacher that stopped active shooter recently went through active shooter training

Suicide prevention bill lets people ban themselves from buying guns

Bloomberg columnist admits gun control will not reduce crime

Glock introduces rotating barrel model 46

Gun registry is prohibited in Maine

Court rejects DC's en banc request, good cause is still unconstitutional

Booby trapped shotgun bought online reported to BATFE

Fresno county speeding up CCW applications

Legislature sends bill to governor to make it a misdemeanor to open carry a long gun

California set to eliminate last legal open carry in state

FBI crime stats show violent crime increase second year in a row

Tennessee churchgoers attacked, 1 dead, 6 injured

Shooter taken down by armed usher

Shooter identified as 25 year old Sudanese man

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Chicago gun control activist gets a gun because her neighborhood is too dangerous

NY Times calls congress pathetic for not passing California style gun control

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

Monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov depicts german rifle

Goldmember penis muzzle brake sold on ebay

Denver police sniper drops suspect holding woman hostage

Trump opens up gun sales to international markets

Ca sheriff's deputy shoots at "violent" pitbull, shoots self instead

Spike's introduces snowflake lower


Patch of the month - Lady Liberty



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