This Week in Guns 225 - Abrogation, Eclipses and Gen 5 Glocks

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Jon Patton - King Zoltar of Bluecephious

Stephen Stamboulieh - second amendment lawyer, the machine gun attorney

Kurt Sills - Co-owner of Blue Alpha Gear


Patch of the month - Lady Liberty


Top Stories:

Gen 5 Glocks released

Recoil goes inside the Gen 5 Glock

PETA selfie campaign backfires

Driver sues Uber over its anti gun policy

Los Angeles preparing to roll back a gun restriction

City Council repealed ban with a 12-0 vote

Georgia preschool defends field trip to gun store

School issued cease and desist by the State of Georgia

Associate Justice Stephen Breyer says the second amendment is not an individual right

Charlottesville mayor wants to be able to suspend second amendment

Yale lecturer wants to balance CT budget deficit by punishing gun buyers

The real effects of a gun tax in CT

How tech companies are influential in turning people against the 2nd Amendment

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California gun range cancels ladies night after man threatens to sue for discrimination

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

JON Florida man gets eclipsed in stolen car

Antifa member shot in the junk with pepper spray facing assault against police charges

Kid finds loaded gun in dressing room and mom pulls trigger to see if it's real

Would be robber is disarmed and beaten with his own gun, by his female victim

Man with knife tells police "Thou shall not kill", they didn't read the book

He'll only do that once

(Stambo) - Two Texas men attempt burglary during hurricane except they forgot they're in Texas  

Kurt - Gun thief arrested after posting selfies with stolen guns

Washington man attempts carjacking, gets pantsed instead

Navy destroyer collides with building in Houston

People of Walmart: back to school shopping leads to an armed standoff

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Patch of the month - Lady Liberty



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