This Week in Guns 224 - No More Chokepoint & ATF Barcodes

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This show offers commentary on the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz.  I’m your host Shawn Herrin!

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Ryan Cleckner - Former special operations sniper, firearms attorney, industry executive, and best-selling author of the Long Range Shooting Handbook.

Tony Simon - Host of “The 2nd is For Everyone: Diversity Shoot”, 2nd Amendment advocate, co-host of the Gun and Gear podcast, firearms trainer and owner of Simon Says Train

Pound for pound the biggest firearms trainer in America


Patch of the month - Lady Liberty


Top Stories:

Trump DOJ puts an end to Operation Chokepoint  

ATF approves barcode system to streamline Form 4 process

Judge administers Justice with his concealed carry handgun outside the courthouse

Years later, Desert Tech MDR becomes a reality

Media spreads fake silencer information

American Bar Association is pushing for states to adopt gun confiscation laws

Texas man stabbed to death in front of his wife, throwing his phone at the attacker did nothing to stop the attack

NYC gun permit issuance drops to zero

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Charlottesville mayor: car attack shows need to restrict concealed carry

Texas police chief kicked out of doctor's office for carrying handgun

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

Drunk Florida woman bites man's fishing line and swims away with lure

Florida homeowner with AK47 shoots at teens breaking into his car

Tony - Man tried to carjack 3 New Mexico football players, not a good idea

Ryan - Man stabbed after his haircut gets him mistaken for a neo nazi

Police warn protesters, Texas gun owners can shoot you in sight for damaging statues

Florida man arrested for having a hatchet in his pants

Shawn - Florida man pulls out fake AR-15 over McDonald's ice cream dispute