This Week in Guns 154 - Justice Scalia's Passing and Apple Takes on the FBI

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Top Stories:

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79

Liberals show disrespect of Scalia on social media

Apple won’t unlock San Bernardino terrorists’ iPhone for FBI

Why Gun Rights Advocates Should Care About Apple’s Fight with the Feds Over the San Bernardino Terrorist’s iPhone

Glen Greenwald Ted Talk

Guns: Singer in Paris attacks said ‘everybody has to have them’

Anti-gun Mr. Facebook: Zuckerberg has 16 armed guards

‘American Guns’ star arrested on gun, tax charges

American Guns star pleads not guilty, sent to halfway house

Judge denies motion to dismiss Glock’s RICO charges

FBI arrests remaining occupiers at Oregon wildlife refuge (Read Indictment)

CA:Prohibited Persons Sweep yields 83 guns, 6300 rds, & 53 mags (see photo)

Jeb Bush tweets pic of engraved FNS pistol - Social Media lashes out

Gun Control Advocates Rip Jeb Bush a New One Over FN Tweet Pic

The Guns of US Presidents

GM worker fired for stopping stabbing

UPDATE: GM worker fired for carrying on the job reinstated

Black Market Pistol Factory in India Reveals The Truth About Guns

India’s Hidden Firearms Treasures Headed Our Way?

SHHH! Michigan becomes 38th state to allow suppressed hunting

I’m OFFENDED section

Anti Gun Lobbyists: Silencers: A Threat  to Public Safety


SanFran: Two people shot by blowguns on Golden Gate

Missouri: Mass school shooting prevented; Teenager arrested at school with 9mm pistol and 600rds

Philly: Armed citizen save cops from mob of angry teens

2 dead in Arizona high school murder suicide

Why we carry: OH: Machete wielding man injures 4 before taken down by Police

Police officer shot and killed in Maryland Panera

MS: Officer shot and killed at armed robbery

Court overturns order keeping fast and furious documents secret

Black teens attack soldier in name of black lives matter

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

Australia seizes $1Billion in drugs smuggled in bra “enhancement inserts”

USAF saves pilot from ejecting over ISIS territory by refueling F16 every 15mins!

Wireless Cocaine?: Passenger found smuggling drugs inside wireless mouse

Mexico jails maybe not so bad: Saunas, a bar, mini fridges, & aquariums investigators discovered

Vegas: Homeowner shoots intruder in face while trying to climb through doggy door

Woman tries to shoot barber over bad haircut

Japanese actor killed with samurai sword during rehearsal

Going the distance with a rare Italian stallion (VIDEO)

Nerf steps up toy offerings with HD cameras and 68 mph velocities (VIDEOS)

NY teen excited about video game accidentally kills friend with celebratory gunfire

Which can they do faster: strip the Glock or solve the cube? (VIDEO)

SAS Sniper Decapitates ISIS Commander

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