ORP 031 - King of the Hammers

Welcome to the Off Road Podcast!!  I am your host Greg Bakken and joining me is Jeff Bakken the sickest guy alive. In this podcast we’ll cover all things offroad.  Whether you're looking for Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or hard core rock crawling, we will cover it all. Episode 31!!!

What did you do this week?


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Listener Feedback:

Thanks for the Overland episode guys, my daughter and I loved every minute of it. You guys made some excellent points so I will adjust accordingly. The spare tire carrier seems to be a no brainer now.

What I have to start.

The Truck has a Bilstein 5100 2.5 lift and five Cooper 265/70-17 AT3 tires on it right now, The Taco is a 4X4 equipped with Limited slip Diff, TRD Running boards, TRD cab roof rack, TRD skid plates. I own an extensive selection of camping backpacking kit, so the food prep and sleeping supplies have been accounted for. My bud is driving a PRO-4X Xterra, we have no passengers but that might change.

Options I’m not sure of.

Should I go for an ARB Diff locker or for a lightweight option, like the Undercover HWMS?

As far as the camper top, should I get a hard shell or soft shell like Bestop?

Snorkel, pros & cons?

Should I do dual or a larger deep cycle battery?

Should I opt for a plate or ARB style front bumper instead?


Undercover Hidden Winch Mount Systems

ARB Rooftop Tent

All Pro Offroad.com Tacoma Bed Racks

What This Guy Put In The Back Of His Truck Made Me So Jealous. This Is Genius.

Expedition Portal

I am reading a leadership book and they are talking about Medtronic founder Earl Bakken. I recall you talking bout Family in MN and its coldness on an episode. I live in MN and know that Medtronic is a MN company. Are you guys related to Earl?

Hope your feeling better


Hey Guys

I’ve got a few thoughts on the overland episode. While I'm no expert, I do play one on internet forums. But seriously I've had a few occasions to speak to overlanders and it seems the theme is capable and reliable. Balanced mild builds seem to work the best. Inline with camping/backpacking mentality

The trd probably already has a rear electric locker so that's a plus so I'd leave the reliable drivetrain alone. I'd go simple budget boost just get a little more room, possibly go 1 size bigger on the tires. That way you could get a little more performance without regearing or overworking the brakes. Plus it would suck to get the kayaks off a truck on 40's. Next I'd get a winch, but I would get a receiver mount so I could move it front to rear as needed.

After that I would spend the money on upgraded battery, gps, topper and storage solutions for the bed. I'd also get some sort of lockable storage for the important stuff. Tuffy bed drawers would be perfect, a bed roll/sleeping bag could lay right on top with plenty of secure storage below. Like you guys said, a larger fuel tank would be nice along with arb tire plug kit and air source.

I'd also carry a big bore revolver. I know how much you love revolvers Greg but that's how roll. Great show as always!

Later, Matt

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King of the Hammers History

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Transamerican Manufacturing Group Announces Acquisition of Poison Spyder Customs

Transamerican Manufacturing Group (TMG), the largest independent manufacturer in the United States of innovative and performance aftermarket off-road accessories, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Poison Spyder Customs (PSC). Poison Spyder has proven themselves in the industry and is continuing to gain momentum in the off-road community.

CEO of Transamerican Auto Parts, Greg Adler, is very excited about the new acquisition for TMG, and the potential it provides for the growth of the brand. “I really admire what Larry McRae has done in building a predominant brand so quickly. Poison Spyder is a great fit with our brands and our customer base. We look forward to developing the full potential of what McRae and his team has already worked so diligently upon.”


Well its been a hard secret to keep, with rumors flying for the past few weeks. But the press release came out today so its official: Poison Spyder has been bought by Transamerican, the parent company of 4 Wheel Parts. As we're gearing up for King Of the Hammers, we know this news will be competing with anything we're doing on the race course, so we wanted to let you, our fans, customers, friends and distributors know what's going on and address some of your concerns.

First of all, I (Larry McRae), am not going anywhere. I'm staying on as President of Poison Spyder, the only difference is that Greg Adler's signature will be on my paycheck instead of my own. The same with our staff, everyone is staying put, in fact we'll be adding more. The team that got Poison Spyder to where it is today is what Transamerican was after, and they intend to keep it intact. We'll continue to do our own product development, sales, marketing, and of course traveling the country to events to meet and wheel with you guys. And very importantly, our products will continue to be built in the same Poison Spyder facilities in Banning, California.

So what IS going to change? The biggest thing is we'll now have access to Transamerican's considerable resources to fuel our growth, keep the shelves full and expand our product lines. And through their distribution channels we'll be able to bring Poison Spyder products to a larger market. But for the most part, Poison Spyder will continue to function mostly autonomously. Those of you who like buying direct from Poison Spyder will still be able to do so.

Over the coming week we're going to have our hands full out here at King Of the Hammers, so its not the most convenient time for this news to break. But we welcome your thoughts on this. Please feel free to contact any of our staff through the usual channels, or comment below if you prefer. We'll try to keep up with responses even though we've got a race to run in a few days (against our new boss, among others smile emoticon

Larry McRae

President, Poison Spyder Customs

Trans American Wholesale.com

ABOUT TRANSAMERICAN AUTO PARTS: TMG is a subsidiary of parent company, Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP). For more than 50 years, TAP has been an industry leader in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of off-road parts for Jeeps and light trucks. TAP established and acquired industry leading brands, including Pro Comp, Smittybilt, Rubicon Express, G2 Axle & Gear, LRG Rims and Trail Master. The company supplements a robust mail-order system with 66 brick-and-mortar 4 Wheel Parts retail centers, staffed with experienced product and installation specialists. In addition to the retail initiative, TAP has accelerated its business with the e-commerce marketplace, led by its flagship Websites 4WheelParts.com and 4WD.com. TAP’s manufacturing system features a 100,000 square foot research and production facility that incorporates an in-house conceptualization, design, and implementation process. From the beginning, TAP has dedicated its resources to serving its customers, and to establishing itself as the premier supplier and distributor of high quality automotive parts.

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