ORP - 061 Pretrip post trip Maintenance

Off Road Podcast Episode 60:  Vehicle maintenance On this show we cover all things off road whether you're looking for some Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or some hard core rock crawling we will cover it all. I'm your host Forrest and joining me are my fellow co hosts Steve and Ben. How are you guys today.

Has anyone done anything off road this week?

Events:  Bull pup shoot in Illinois Sept 19th 2015 bullpupshoot.com for more info, off road expo Pomona CA Oct 3&4th offroadexpo.com for more info.

Listener feedback

Guys your doing great. Any recommendations on a compressor for airing up. Prefer direct battery hookup not some cig plug junk.Joe from Kitnersville PA

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Main topic

Pre-Trip service/inspection

  1. Check all fluid levels and qualities, is it time or close to time to service something?
  2. Check for fluid leaks
  3. Check tire condition, fix slow leaks or any other issues
  4. Check brakes
  5. Check belts and hoses
  6. Inspect roll cages and other items under constant stress, suspension attachment points

Post Trip service and inspection

  1. Clean mud, sand, salt, and other debris from vehicle. Coin op car wash
  2. Change oil?
  3. Clean change air filter
  4. Inspect for damage at stress areas.

Don’t forget your trailer

  1. Inspect for cracks, bends and other damage
  2. Pack wheel bearings
  3. Inspect service breaks
  4. Inspect wiring system and lights
  5. Inspect safety chains
  6. Inspect tires for weather cracks/dry rotting  and air pressure

Doing a brake job

  1. Always do both sides
  2. Always turn or replace rotors
  3. Lube the slide pins for disc brakes
  4. Use plenty of brake grease and shims where applicable
  5. When spreading calipers, undo the bleeder screw so you don’t damage ABS pump/system
  6. Bleed the brakes when done
  7. When doing rear brakes do one side at a time so you can see how they go together
  8. The right tool makes all the difference.
  9. Get a Torque wrench and always torque your lug nuts.

closing statements

be smart be courteous and be alert and as always have fun.

full show notes avliable at offroadpodcast.com/61


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