Off Road podcast Episode 119 - Boom Mall Rated Interview

Welcome to the off road podcast. I'm your host, Ben. Today we will be exploring the off road world-- whether you like crawling up rock ledges or enjoy exploring the backroads with your family. Stay with us to find out events in your area, off road news, and topics to interest every guy & girl who craves the outdoors as seen through the windshield.

Anyone done anything exciting?

  • Aaron - Went to the beach.

  • Cameron - Off Road Evolution Long Arm upgrade and King Coilovers on Kick Rocks customer’s 4 door Rubiclone.

  • Steve - Hit an elk.

  • Daryl -

  • Ben - i got doors for the xj and an even bigger pile of parts to install a overland book , have my ar parts just need to assemble, i ordered came in the mail finally and some jackass tried to steal my light bar off my jeep

Listener Feedback

CJ5 After.jpg

Israel wrote in that he recently found the podcast and was on episode 19 and he was working his way through catching up even though he was looking for our previous hosts i gladly helped him with what advice i could as it reads

I currently live in Parker, C0 (south of Denver). Bought a jeep two years ago and have enjoyed wrenching and making it reliable for weekend trips and “yes” hate to admit it, but sometimes my grocery getter.

Overview on my rig:

1983 CJ jeep

2 inch lift

33 /12.5 /15 inch BFG

AVM hubs

Inline 6 stock-

Pro Comp rear bumper

custom front bumper- two point recover hooks

front axle (dana 30 stock?) and rear axle (amc 20)

Now that I have driven it around town and taken a few small trips to the mountains, I really want to increase my range off road.  Yes, I’ve babied it but I’m sure all can relate to a new build.  Most trips have been on forest roads and muddy gravel roads. I’m not looking to get crazy or hit extreme trails but enough to get me to the next level without abusing my CJ. Yes, it’s a short wheelbase and may not be able to climb big boulders but I want my jeep to get over tree trunks or ditches with little effort.  Eventually, I want a newer jeep, TJ or JK but for now this is what I got.  

So, I think I know the answers but I want your guys input.  If you’ve already discussed this, I guess I’ll listen to it shortly once I get caught up.

  1. Should I add selectable lockers in the front or rear?  ( I am only doing one locker because of budget. Wedding planned for 2017)

  2. Is it worth adding lockers to stock axles on my cj5?

  3. Do I spend money on a winch or lockers first?  

  4. I also need to replace my clutch, flywheel and throwout bearing.  How hard is it?  I’ve taken my skid off to replace the transmission mount and stabilizer so I know there is some weight to it.  4 Wheel Parts would do it for about 600-800 bucks. The part is about $100-125. I really want to do it myself but if I get stumped on something I want to do it right or is it pretty straight forward? Clutch adjustment and torque specs for all the bolts, etc.  Any advice or a good shop around here would be greatly appreciated.  

I responded

1) if you do a locker do the front first because its helps the tires grab and lift you over the obstacle vs pushing you into it

2) lockers never hurt in all honesty

3) personally I would go for a winch first because if lockers can't get you out a winch will may take longer for recovery

4) I would have another person who's done a clutch around in a cj they are fairly easy and can take a day for an experienced duo or longer depending tools like a transmission jack

Events and Happenings

  • Winter 4x4 Jamboree-December 19-21st in Hurricane UT

  • Spanaway Moonshiners 35th Annual Swap Meet- 3/12/17 at the Washington State Fair & Events Center Puyallup, WA

  • Great American Outdoor Show- February 4th-12 2017 in Harrisburg, PA

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Ben's Rant of the week

If your gonna try and steal my crap use a wrench

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Tech Tip

Kill switch ideas and why to install them:

1.Jet Ski/Treadmill Pull-a-switch

2. Big Rocker Switch

3. Push pull switch


  1. Kill the fuel pump/pressure outside or the tank

  2. Anti-theft

  3. Emergency situation

  4. Mechanical Failure

The Interview

Today we have Daryl

  • Let's talk about you (This is the section we use let our listeners get to know you)

B) How did you get started off-roading?

A) What was your first rig?

C) What's your rig Now?

B) What type of wheeling do you like to do?

A) Most embarrassing moment on the trail?

C) As a part of the firearms radio network we got to ask are Into shooting at all?

B) Do you get to go out and camp very often?


A) How did JCR come about

C)How did you get started in this business?

B)How many employees?

A)What's your company's mission statement and what do they provide for the 4x4 community?

C) How long has it been going on?

B) Where are your products made?

A) what vehicles do you guys make parts for

C) what are some products you guys offer

B) diy parts please tell me more

A) when did Rando Mallrated join the crew

C)Tell me about the diy bumpers? How long does it take to build one?

B)Is aluminum in the future for armor?

A) How did handicorn come into play?

C) What's in the future for JCR offroad?


B)What was your SEMA trip like

A)How many times have you been to SEMA?

C)Anything that you saw that stuck out to you?

B)Do you consider the SEMA trip successful?

A)how much drool came from #projectsnowhawk

C)what about #projectascender

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Closing Statements

we are a proud part of the firearms radio network. your one stop shop for your firearms radio entertainment.  Please leave us some feedback at also leave us some comments on itunes, our web page or on your podcatcher app to help promote the show. Full show notes avaliable at Don't forget to visit our facebook or our Instagram @offroadpodcast And always when offroad please remember be smart, courteous, alert, safe and as always have fun tread lightly, And thank you for listening.

ORP 013 - Liberty, Tracker and Some Fire


Welcome to the Off Road Podcast!!  I am your host Greg Bakken and joining me is my co host Jeff Bakken...This is the podcast for all things offroad.  Whether you're looking for Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or hard core rock crawling, we will cover it all. Episode 13!!!

What's up Jeff?

Listener Feedback:

Hi Jeff & Greg,

Thanks for a great show!  I've been enjoying it big time, especially the episodes about winches and axles.  As I type this, I'm downloading the latest episode about Auto vs Manual and I can't wait to listen!  I always have had manual transmissions and haven't been persuaded by all the lectures I've had over the years on how autos are better off road.

I think it might be interesting to devote an episode to discussing welding on the trail.  In years past I wheeled a Land Rover and mounted a second alternator, that I liberated from and old Buick, under the Land Rover hood and turned that into a welder.  Now-a-days I carry a Cobra 2575 Watt inverter from and a 90 Amp wire feed welder from Harbor freight.  With these I can do some mad welding on the trail and the total cost was just over $200 (not including helmet and rods).

This past weekend I wheeled my '04 Jeep Liberty on The Rubicon from Loon Lake to Buck Island Lake on Friday afternoon, and back out to Loon on Saturday.  I was with a longtime friend of mine who drives a nice '07 Wrangler Rubicon LJ and he took a picture of me somewhere along the granite slab not too far past The Gatekeeper.  The pic is attached.

Please keep up the great work and I'll be listening,


Hey gentlemen,

I just listened to the most recent podcast and you said you now have facebook. I looked for it(the off road podcast) and I can't find it.

Also, you guys mentioned on an earlier podcast on-board welders.  I didn't know if you guys wanted to go into some depth about options like Ready Welder, modifying an alternator to weld, or straight off of batteries.

I'm also looking into an on-board air system for filling tires and maybe some light tool work.  Any thoughts on Viair, ARB, Warn Powerplant, etc?

Keep the great podcasts coming.


Smittybilt Air Compressors 2781

Here is the follow-up for my warrantee experience with Chrysler.

First to answer your questions during the podcast. I had done no other modifications to my truck other than the 6” Lift Kit and 35” tires. No Power chip or anything.

The warrantee was reviewed again by Chrysler (the factory powertrain department) and once again rejected on the basis of the lift kit.

I talked with the Service Manager on what the dealership would do to make this right for me and he referred me to the Dealership General Manager who decided that the dealership would replace the transmission for me at no cost to me.

At this point I had really lost faith in this truck and asked if he would work me a good deal to trade in my truck for another new one and he agreed to this, going so far as to not deduct anything off my trade in price for the transmission since he had agreed to replace it for me.

So they got me into a new truck at a price I am very happy with. I went ahead and went back to a Ram 2500 HD since I have had such good luck with them in the past.  I have had 4 2500’s prior to the 3500. I think I will wait a while before I consider a lift kit again just to be sure that all is well with this truck.

One thing that did upset me during all this is that fact that I had purchased an extended warrantee with the 3500 and when I asked the Service Manager if it would cover the transmission replacement he stated that it would not because the factory warrantee was still in effect, I later found out that it would have but since I have replaced the truck I will not pursue it further.

I hope this help you with any decisions you will make on changes to your vehicles, or at least prompts you to ask questions of the dealership before you decide what to do with them.  Most importantly get anything a dealer representative tells you in writing.

Keep up the great podcast and tread lightly out there.


Kingman, AZ

Instead of swapping my entire rear axle for a stronger one, will getting heavy duty axle shafts be enough strength to go up a couple wheel sizes? I have a Geo Tracker and Calmini offers some heavy duty axle shafts. It seems like a much cheaper alternative to an entire axle swap. I would like to run 32s or 33s.

2)Having said that, I still have IFS. Calmini does not offer heavy duty axles shafts for IFS. Would the IFS stand up to 32s or 33s, as is?

I'm a new listener and so far I love the podcast.


Hey guys love the show, find it very informative.  I'm hoping you can give me your opinion on some gearing ratios.  I have  82 Jeep CJ7 running on 32's with the stock AMC20/Dana30 w/ 2.73's.  As you can tell I need a gearing change.  The jeep is used mainly for hunting, no extreme wheeling, just logging/fire roads, some street use.  I am thinking 3.73's would do the trick or do you think I should go up to 4.10's.

If I decided to do a diff swap, what should I look for?  Can you recommend some donor vehicles.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to next show.

Tom C.

Shawnee Oklahoma


Send us your questions and comments!!!

Main Topic: King Fire

California’s gigantic King wildfire keeps growing amid warnings of ‘extreme fire behavior’

89,500 acres (or about 139 square miles)

7,300 firefighting personnel


ORP 009 - Beginner Self Recovery and More!!

Welcome to the Off Road Podcast!!  I am your host Greg Bakken and joining me is my co host, and personal rock stacker, Jeff Bakken...This is the podcast for all things offroad.  Whether you're looking for Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or hard core rock crawling, we will cover it all. What's up Jeff?

Announcements:  My jeep is still stock

Checkout Busted Jk

Listener Feedback:

I am enjoying your off-road podcast, I owned a 72 Bronco while in college in 1982, it was not the best off road, sank in the sand, heavy,  I changed the tires and engine and it then needed a new gear ratio.   It was expensive and I sold the bronco, got married and  had  had kids.

I have owned a Bronco II,  UNRELIABLE, A explorer more a family SUV, a  Durango (3 transmissions) not a very capable machine, I now have a daily driver Toyota Tacoma 4x4 awesome, totally stock.

Even after owning all theses 4x4s I don't know much about off-roading, whien I need the 4x4  to continue I usually turn back.

I recently bought a bone stock jeep tj to tow Behind my Rv, take hunting and explore the Colorado backcountry where I live and leave the Toyota clean.

Here are my questions for your podcast.

  1.   What makes a good winch, ie, pounds off pull, cable, vs synthetic rope, manufactures etc.  I here buy American, get a Warn, I'm am not rock crawling just want to venture off and self recover, reliably,  I know never go out alone, but let's be real, going solo is a reality.
  2.   Why are the bigger diameter tires so much better for off road, you need to modify, suspension, wheels, lift, axles, gear ratios etc.
  3.  I seems like all the 4x4 mods add considerable weight, doesn't this work against being more capable, light is right? Right?
  4. I have a Dana 35/30 on my jeep, now I feel like I need to change them  out before changing wheels tires and lifting?   What is the priority.  I want the jeep to sit alittle higher, maybe  31 inch tires but I really don't want to drop the cash for new axles etc, I feel I would be better off selling my new toy jeep and getting one with all the mods done.
  5.  what is the priority of 4x4 mods? Winch, tires, gears, shocks, lift, wheels, lockers, engine, mods, sliders
  6.  How important is having more HP in off-roading.
  7.  What type of trails can a mostly stock basic jeep safely be expected to navigate, ie, how deep of water crossing? What amount of mud depth, what height of boulders, do you have any reasonable guidelines?
  8.   Tow straps, tow chains, recovery gear? What works best for most.

I have many more questions, I will be listening, thanks for the podcast.

Thanks, Greg from Colorado Springs

Send us your questions and comments!!!

Main Topic:Basic Recovery Equipment

Recovery points


Tow Strap

First Aid Kit

Trip Reports: Club clean up run on closed trial.


ORP 008 - Listener Feedback, Tires, Broncos and More!!

photo (7)

Welcome to the Off Road Podcast!!  I am your host Greg Bakken and joining me is my co host, trailer queen Jeff Bakken...This is the podcast for all things offroad.  Whether you're looking for Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or hard core rock crawling, we will cover it all. What's up Jeff?

Listener Feedback:

Hey guys,

I wanted to start off by saying I love the podcast so far. I have a 2003 TJ. I'm fairly new to off-roading. I have been going on some runs with a great group in New Hampshire called Exploring NH. In fact this past weekend I participated in a stock/newbie run with my wife and daughter that was a lot of fun.

One question I had was about wheel width. How do you know how wide of a tire you can put on a wheel. I know the rims that I have on my TJ are the Canyon rims which are 15 x 8. The tires I have now are BFG's A/Ts and they are 30 x 9.5 x 15. Soon I will be putting on a lift kit and I am thinking about going to 33's or 32's. How do I know if I can go to 10.5" or 12.5" wide tires?

The other thing I wanted to comment on was some remarks about radios. I think the guy in the email you read was talking about FRS (Family Radio Service) radios. Those are the radios you usually see that come in a 2 pack and are kind of like walkie-talkies. They are short range and anyone with any brand FRS radio can communicate with someone on the same channel. No license is required. They don't have all the static and interference issues that CB radios have. They operate on UHF (Ultra High Frequency, 462 and 467 MHz) and have 14 channels. You can pick them up for fairly cheap. Citizen's Band (CB) radio operates at 27 MHz and has 40 channels. Power limits are a little higher than FRS so they have better range. They are the most common. Ham radio or amateur radio is the other more popular radios in use. They do require a license. There are three levels of licenses now and knowing Morse code is no longer a requirement. The higher the license level, the more frequency bands you are permitted to transmit on. You do have to have a call sign. Mine for example is KB1PYC. The most popular band is 2 meter. Besides computers and base stations, handheld and mobile units are available for usually 100 to 200 dollars. Cheaper Chinese radios are readily available on Amazon for much cheaper. The different bands have different power limits and range limits. There are 2 meter repeaters all over the country. Many of these repeaters are linked to the internet so you can communicate all over the world through the internet connection. Repeaters can be private or public use. The test for the license is very easy to study for. There are numerous study guides and websites that list all the questions in the question pool. So nothing will be a surprise. Some clubs will also conduct classes. One of you asked if RF meant repeater frequency. It's actually radio frequency which is anything between 3 kHz to 300 GHz. All of these systems operate in the RF band which is broken up into the different bands mentioned above.

Sorry this is so long. There is so much information for the 3 main radios used. Plus there are others like GMRS (general mobile radio service). Hopefully this is a good primer for you. Thanks again for doing the podcast. As a newbie I really appreciate all the tips and information.



Hey guys, Love the podcast! I listen every week! Y’all give lots of great info! I have a 2005 F150 six inch Pro Comp lift with 37” tires and 456 gears and a 79 CJ5 304 with four inch lift and 35” tires. Keep up the great Job! I listen every week!


Hey Guys,

Digging the show. Jeff is great! Greg's ok too, when he can speak correctly...

How about doing an episode about full size rigs. I think these are very common and viable rigs in the Midwest and south.

Found this one locally on Craig's list. Do you think it's a viable option?

Actually, it might make a decent tow rig. That's another episode idea too. Budget tow rigs. I see 3/4 and 1 tons from the 80s and 90s that are great bargains. Under $5,000, low miles, good shape... Might not have all the creature comforts or pretty paint. But are a real bang for your buck and keep you out of a car payment. Yuck.

Keep up the great work!

Former "dirt road off-roader" from Illinois


Let me clarify some things up, the bronco is running a C-6 tranny and I have a Gear Vendors overdrive unit that I will be installing; also I live in Oklahoma. I would like to be able to do an intermediate to advanced trail (3-4 diamond rating) when offroad. Now with some more questions; I have considered a Cummins 4-bt, but it only has 104 HP stock. And that sounds like it wouldn't be adequate. I have Ford 429 that I could build, but I wasn't sure if that was the route I wanted to take. Now for the tire comment, I also have a 1976 Ford Bronco rock crawler. I have the same running gear setup in that bronco as in my 1979 except I'm running 40's on that bronco and I do well offroad with that why would the 37's be pushing it for my 1979?

Thanks again guys the show rocks keep it going.


Send us your questions and comments!!!

Trip Reports: None


ORP 002 - Surviving on the Back Country Trails


Welcome to the Off Road Podcast!!  I am your host Greg Bakken and joining me again today is my not so lovely co host Jeff Bakken...This is the podcast for all things offroad.  Whether you're looking for Sunday jaunts on fire roads or hard core rock crawling, we will cover it all. What's up Jeff?

Listener Feedback:

Loved the off road podcast. It's good to hear some more like minded guys talking rigs. And if you ever get down to Arizona, let me know. Will

Thanks Greg and Jeff for the awesome debut of your new podcast.

I am looking forward to this podcast as I just purchased a 2014 JK Unlimited Sport. I put a Rugged Ridge 2" hitch on it so I could load my Thule Apex bike rack on the back. Today I'm waiting for the Fed Ex man to show up with my Console Vault so I can stow my Glock 30S when I can't carry it in the politician's designated areas.

I would like to upgrade the wheels and tires to make it a Mall-Crawler/G.O.O.D. vehicle. I'm not r eady to off-road it as I have 75 more monthly payments and Wife would not be happy.

Here's my question, can I put 12/33's on it without having to lift it? I really want the 12/35's but I know I would have to lift it 3-5 inches.

One more question, if I do decide on the 35ers, what's the best lift kit to keep that factory drivability? I love the TeraFlex videos but what do you know about their quality.

Thanks again and I look forward to the next podcast.

-Dug of Chicago

Hey, I listened to the new pilot episode for the 4x4 podcast. I liked it, looking forward to hearing more in depth info on it.  I am going to tell a good friend about it, he use to own a 4wd shop locally and I think he will like it.


Hey guys,

I'm listening to the Off Road Podcast as I write this, and I want to let you know that it's got my vote.

I'm actually in Placer County, very close to where the guys live, so I can relate to everything they're talking about. In fact, I recently put a nice "badge of honor" on my Nissan Titan, while trying to maneuver my way to Eagle Lakes, in the Fordyce area.

Keep up the good work, and make this show happen!

Thanks, Freeman

Hey I shoot with JW and he got me hooked on the podcast, i enjoyed the offroad podcast and i have owned 12 or more jeeps, mostly XJs and willys trucks, and i currently have a deuce and a half m35a2 and a CJ5 i have looking like a military jeep and I mount a 1919A4 on, a nice combination of a love of wheeling and guns! If you want someone to talk about deuce's on the show hit me up. I’m getting ready to bob mine and i have done a lot to it already.

Main Topic:  What Do I need to Survive in the Back Country

Nevada woman rescued by brother after becoming trapped in Sierra Nevada Mountains with boyfriend for six days What’s the bare essentials?

Tell someone where you're going and when you expect to be back.

That’s the joy of a club.

Water, spare, working tools to use the, blanket, cell phone.

Fireroad exploring:

Rock Crawling:  Tow Strap,

Trip Reports:  Rubicon by Jeff


Um...We don’t have much set up at this time, but if you would like to get a hold of us, Email