ORP 071 - Christmas PT 3


Off Road Podcast episode 71

On this show we cover all things offroad whether you're looking for some Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or some hard core rock crawling we will cover it all. I'm your host Forrest and joining me are my fellow co hosts steve and Ben.. How are you guys today.

Has anyone done anything off road or exciting this week?

events and happenings

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Main topic   

Christmas  list


200-500 dollars

  1. GoPro hero 4 black $200-500
  2. Rock sliders $300-400 specific to vehicle
  3. Tube doors $200-$300 linked but just for reference
  4. switch pros $479
  5. sierra led rock lights $202


  1. winch $599
  2. sierra led 50” $1,017dual amber white led light bar
  3. Kakadu Rooftop Tent $1,424
  4. on board air  $535
  5. Tires $150-500general tire specific  
  6. jeep  $42,290



Harbor Freight tool Box $799.99


Craftsman tool set  300 piece $500.00

$799.00 Craftsman tool set

SnapOn big set $42,301.32

smaller SnapOn set $4,693.40

Autel OBDII scanner/ code reader   $79.93


Led lights $138.99 each

TREDS (1 pair) $189.99

Warn winch $499.99 *

biolite stove $129.95 *

Land anchor http://www.pullpal.com/

Arb awning http://store.arbusa.com/arb-awning-1250-arb3110a-p3655.aspx


Adventure trailer 500+

closing statements


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firearmsradionetwork.com we are part of the fire arms radio network.when offroad remember be smart be courteous be alert and as always have fun.