ORP 55 - Two Wheel Drive Offroad Rig

Today Forrest and Bradley talk about two wheel drive off road trail rigs.

Bradley hosts 2 wheel drive episod
Bradley hosts 2 wheel drive episod

Off road podcast episode 55

On this show we cover all things off road whether you're looking for some Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or some hard core rock crawling we will cover it all. I'm your host Forrest and joining me is my fellow co hosts Bradley. How are you  today.

Has anyone done anything off road this week:

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Listener feedback

Steve aka Truck Norris: It would be really cool if you did a show on 2-wheelin!  I was actually hoping you'd do that when I wrote in!

My SUV is my DD, so I really can't (don't want to) go too knobby on the tires.  Too soft, too loud and too much $$ -lol.

I've heard BFG makes some pretty good street/mud tires.

I like the idea a fan extra set of rims, but my wife is already nagging me that the garage is too full and needs to be cleaned out...

I didn't even know you could move a winch from front to back!!  Makes good sense, though!  I was thinking the same thing: cable over synthetic.  It gets brutally hot here in the summer, and the sun does a number on lots of things!!

The last time I went wheeling was my 1st time. I was (and still am) a rookie, but I want to do more (that's why I listen to your show!!!).  I had a '76 CJ7.  It was in Maine in the spring. There was still some ice/snow in the woods. I hit an icy spot on a little slope. I was pinned against a tree. I couldn't go forward or backward. All I had with me was a hammer. I had to get out and break all the ice just to move. I've learned a lot since that time: winch, tires, don't go alone.  lol

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Firearms Radio Network t-Shirt pre-order Main Topic: 2WD Wheeling

Basic Types of 2WD wheeling:

  • Trail Rigs
  • Prerunners

Limitations of a 2wd Rig:

  • Obvious, NO 4WD
  1. how this will affect you on trails vs open desert
  • Typically weaker knuckles and hubs

Figure Out Your Vehicle Goals:

  • What types of wheeling are local to you? What practice interests you most
  • What Is your budget?

2WD Trail Rig 5 points to address on a limited budget/DD

  • Tires: A/Ts are nice… M/Ts are better
  • Diff: L/S , Lockers and Spool
  1. L/S: Great street manners, reliable, predicatble, good for mild trails
  2. Lockers: Poor Mans(2wd guys) 4x4, Can be unpredictable on the street, Can cause faster tire wear, Hard on 3rd member on the street. Good for mild -> Intermediate trails
  1. Mechanical Lockers, Air Lockers, E-Lockers
  1. Spools: Solid axle, fast tire wear, full power on both wheels 24/7, poor street manners, most predicatble on the dirt
  • Front Spindles: Spindle Gussets, Fabricated Spindles
  1. Often a weak point on 2wd rigs but can be remedied many ways depending on budget
  • Ground Clearance
  1. lift it once and lift it right
  2. lift kit options- Spacers/blocks, lift coils, OEM replacement shocks/Coilovers
  3. being able to maintain momentum helps a lot on certain obsticles, you will want the clearance to do so
  1. can also include fabricated bumpers for better approach angle (also applies to 4wd rigs)
  • Recovery Gear/safety
  1. better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it…youll more than likely need it
  2. Maxtrax, 2x4’s things to help you get traction
  3. Tow rope, shovels, highlift jacks, winches for when traction is not an option
  4. Roll Bars/Cages