Off Road Podcast Episode 206 - Search and Rescue pt 2


Welcome to the Off Road Podcast. Today we will be exploring the off road world-- whether you like crawling up rock ledges or enjoy exploring the backroads with your family. Stay with us to find out events in your area, off road news, and topics to interest every guy & girl who craves the outdoors as seen through the windshield. I am your host Ben here with my co-hosts Aaron, Steve, and Jeremy. And our guest Lance and Branden How’s everyone doing?

Anyone done anything exciting?

  • Ben - went to Montana in the van.  Decided I’m buying a mig welder stay tuned for terrible welds. Just got pictures from my buddy that my bumper will be ready for paint

  • Jeremy - Went dirt biking to test out new boots.  Feet are still wet, but not as wet. Put the RTT back on the truck.  Got everything ready for the snow camping trip this weekend. Went up to the olympic mountains to look for snow.

  • Steve - Truck is back with the paint guy getting front fenders finished.  Picked up all the wood to do the bed box/ drawers. Would like to figure out how to use a drawer slide but the longest they make is 24 inches.  Not sure that will work. Found a coupon today for the HF 1.5 ton aluminum jack, so I used a visa gift card I got for xmas and picked it up. $63.59 with tax.  In store without coupon is $79.99. On Christmas day I pulled a guy out of a ditch. His buddies and him were up in the mountains with their all wheel drive Mercedes and Audis driving around in tennis shoes and sweatpants and shirts.  Completely unprepared. So after laughing at them, I chained up and pulled the guy out.

  • Aaron - Drove both my LMTV & Nissan in our lower field to see how “bad” traction is on soggy wet grass. Sighted in my .17hmr.  Bought a pair of uppers for the lowers I recently bought.

  • Lance -

  • Branden -

What did you all get for Christmas??

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  • Spooling new line

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Main Topic


  • B- How did you get into off roading?

  • J- What do you drive now?

  • A- Do you hate it when people call it a Unimog?

  • S- how did you get it?  Maybe skip, we will see where this goes.

  • B?- Any embarrassing moments on the trail?

Search and Rescue

  • S- What is search and rescue?

  • A- Who is S&R funded by?

  • B- What got you into S&R Branden then Lance?

  • J- What commitments do you need to make or keep?

  • A- What area do you do search and rescue in?  Do you do more than one?

  • J- you talked about the app you use to communicate, what other means of communications do you use?

  • S- What type of training does someone need\ how do you typically get involved?

  • B- What skills are valuable for S&R?

  • J- we talked about your partnerships with Gaia, are there any apps you rely on on your missions?

  • A- What kind of vehicle requirements are there for S&R? Do you need special insurance?

  • S- What is involved in a typical S&R mission?

  • B- How often are you called out?Is there a time of year that is more frequent?

  • J- Any big missions last year?

  • S- Longest mission?

  • B- When you load up to go on a mission, How much food and supplies do you typically bring? What do you always bring?

  • A- Branden and Lance, Do you have a most used piece of gear?

  • J- Vehicle mods needed? Strobes? Lights?

  • A- Any extra training for 4x4?

  • S- What is your Favorite story from your time in S&R?

  • J- What’s the most common dumb thing people do?

  • B- What’s the number one thing people forget when they go out into the backcountry?


So how can we get more info on SAR if your interested in joining your local SAR

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Closing Statements

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