Off Road Podcast Episode 196 - Nwti

Welcome to the Off Road Podcast. Today we will be exploring the off road world-- whether you like crawling up rock ledges or enjoy exploring the backroads with your family. Stay with us to find out events in your area, off road news, and topics to interest every guy & girl who craves the outdoors as seen through the windshield. I am your host Ben here with my co-hosts Jeremy and Steve. And our guest Corwin How’s everyone doing?

Anyone done anything exciting?

  • Ben - Went to mule open house talked to some people. Other then that ordered my new bumper and been running around talking to people for the car show and planning some cool interviews

  • Jeremy- Removed sway bar. Not much difference in handling. Went to offroading to test off road performance. Much better, especially when the suspension gets crossed up.  High centered on a ledge drop got unstuck

  • Steve- went hunting with son,

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Main Topic

  • How did you get started off-roading?

  • What was your first rig?

  • What is your current rig?

  • What type of wheeling do you like to do?

  • Most embarrassing moment on the trail?

  • Where are you located?

  • How long have you been in Business?

  • What made you decide to turn this into a business?

  • Have you run across any of your early or first bumpers

  • What do you guys build?

  • What do you see as your biggest advantage?

  • What tools do you need to build your bumpers?

  • How much experience do you need to put one of your bumpers together?

  • What are some of the common mistakes?

  • How many employees do you have?

  • What type of tools do you guys use for planning a bumper

  • Do you sponsor anyone (seen some a 4runner with decals I think racing)

  • Why Toyotas?

  • Any plans to expand to other brands of vehicles?

  • Tell us about your latest release

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Closing Statements

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