Off Road Podcast Episode 189 - Team Free Range Dames

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Welcome to the Off Road Podcast. I'm your host, Ben. Today we will be exploring the off road world-- whether you like crawling up rock ledges or enjoy exploring the backroads with your family. Stay with us to find out events in your area, off road news, and topics to interest every guy & girl who craves the outdoors as seen through the windshield. I am here with my co-hosts Aaron, Steve and our guests and ! How’s everyone doing?

Anyone done anything exciting?

  • Ben - worked triggercon and met an amazing individual went to surprise lake and broke some of my  exhaust

  • Aaron - Tore down a porch with a tractor, and sat on the front porch drinking lemonade while chewing on a piece of straw. Got the real parts needed to fix my LMTV.

  • Steve -  Been super busy working on my wifes minivan, my trailer and now my Colorado.  Finally finished the van, and made some long overdue improvements to my trailer. Its needed new and better fenders since before I owned it, I got those finished and on, as well as a place to cary the ramps and a spare tire. The fenders for my Colorado are enjoying a week in Vegas, they have been there since the 8th of the month. Maybe they will make me some money.

  • Jeremy - trimmed Arb bumper to improve tire clearance. started search for dual sport bike

  • Mercedes - purchased American Racing 5 spoke wheels for the Mitsu Pajero, as well as Rancho RS9000xl adjustable shocks. Attended the FJ Summit event on behalf of Toyota and OutdoorX4 Magazine. Came back from WI from visiting my family (mom who lives there and my sis and boyfriend from Germany).

  • Elise - Hosted Big Sky Overland Rally.

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Hey guys. I found your podcast about a year ago and have been listening to your past podcasts.  I finally have gotten caught up and have enjoyed every episode.

In episode 187 you were talking about Reecer Creek being paved and surprised about.  One of you questioned if the pavement was laid down before the fires or after. As a former Ellensburg resident (I now live on the east coast) I can say that the road going up the hill there have been paved for 30 years or more. I used to as a young kid take Boy Scout camping trips up Reecer Creek. Later I took my old Datsun 210 hatchback up Reecer Creek and over the pass to Wenatchee. Love the area there and miss it sometimes.

Now that I am on the east coast I am struggling to find good areas to go off-road. Any ideas on how to search areas? I know much of the tools you mention tend to focus on the west coast areas.

Any ideas are appreciated and keep up the good work on the podcast.

Steve D.
West Virginia

Going back to the wise food and added to much water to pack lol. I have definitely been there  before with my mountain house meal chili mac. I've had to correct the water level to my meals to almost 1/2cup less.  

Question for the Washington Back Country route did you guys map out the hole route or download from another source.

Thanks Vincent

AS always please feel free to send us comments questions and we will get back to you quicker then the episode drops with your question! We love feedback

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Main Topic -

Mercedes and Elise with Tacoma.jpg

  • B - How did you meet?

  • J - What is your background?

  • S- How did you get into off roading?

  • B- How did you get into doing things like the rally?

  • J- Tell us about your rig?

  • S- What recovery gear do you carry?

  • B- What is your favorite part of your rig?

  • J- What is your least favorite part of your rig?

  • S- Do you do all the maintenance/repairs on your vehicle during the rally?

  • B- Give us a quick rundown of the rally. How long is the rally? How does it work? How do you score points?

  • J- What terrain do you traverse?

  • S- What rolls do you both fill?

  • B- Are you locked into those rolls in the rally?

  • J- As a navigator, Do you have a background in paper maps? skip

  • S- What’s the biggest challenge navigating in the rally?

  • B- What did you do as a driver to prepare?

  • J- What is your favorite terrain to drive in?

  • S- What terrain do you find the most difficult?

  • B- What do you do when you stop? Camp? Hotel? Skip

  • J- What are some of the biggest challenges with the Rebelle rally that you foresee?

  • S- Is the route the same/similar year to year? skip

  • B- Any advice you have for any women trying to get into off-roading or rally’s?

  • J- Can people follow you while the rally is ongoing? Skip

  • S- How can people help you out?

  • j- Speaking of people helping you out whos helped you out any sponsors you would like to thank

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Closing Statements

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