Off Road Podcast Episode 130 - Keepin it Frosty

Welcome to the Off Road Podcast. I'm your host, Ben. Today we will be exploring the off road world-- whether you like crawling up rock ledges or enjoy exploring the backroads with your family. Stay with us to find out events in your area, off road news, and topics to interest every guy & girl who craves the outdoors as seen through the windshield. I am here with my co-hosts Aaron and Steve.  How are you guys doing tonight?

Anyone done anything exciting?

  • Aaron - Went to sportsman show.  Bought some freeze dried food and some .22 LR.  Made a spreadsheet of my recent ammo purchases so I can track what works.  Got a name for #thebeetleproject.  #therottenegg

  • Steve - Rocker switch quit working on ATV.

  • Ben - My Jeep officially has a name bad Omen, started new job and love it. Went to sportsman show with Aaron and Ryan Cross of the Gun & Gear Review Podcast. Trying to figure out transmission problem next try will be MT-90.

Events and happenings

  • King of the Hammers- This weekend, February 3rd-11th in Johnson Valley. Our friend John Mathews who helped us on the Hummer Episode is down there racing.

  • PNW Sportsman Show Feb 8-12 at Portland Expo Center & March 2-5 at Deschutes County Fairgrounds

  • Great American Outdoor Show- February 4th-12th 2017 in Harrisburg, PA Look for Joe there on Thursday, Feb 9th.  He’ll be there in an Orange FRN shirt, a black hat with a FRN Patch, and a tan backpack.  He’s got a Patch for you.

  • Spanaway Moonshiners 35th Annual Swap Meet- 3/12/17 at the Washington State Fair & Events Center Puyallup, WA

  • The Washington Gambler 500 Main Event, June 23-25, more details to come.

  • The Oregon OG500 is July 15&16 starting and ending in Portland, OR.  No registration, unlimited entries, starting point released later, more details to come.

  • Midsouth Jeeps Spring Run April 1st, Seymour, Missouri at SMORR (Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch)

  • NW Overland Rally June 15-18 in Plain, WA

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Ben's Rant of the week

Read the directions twice before you start a project to save yourself unexpected delays.

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Tech tip

Your kitty litter from your spill kit can double as a traction aid on ice and snow.

Main Topic

The 19 hour snow camp trip

  • Left earlier than planned.  Only a 90 minute drive to the 1st road I plan to check out. (9am)

  • Split pants.

  • Didn’t have bungees for tire chains.

  • Hot high centered.

  • Remote controls (I have 2) for winch had dead batteries.

  • Winched forward only to sink in crusty snow.

  • Undid winch line, put wired winch controller into tongue box on trailer, prepared to make a break for it, in reverse.

  • Was able to back out with lots of momentum.  (1 hour lost)

  • When heading to next place on list I found a DOT guy who suggested FS46

  • Found a spot right away at Y in road but the site was trashed.  Broken pop up, Trashed tarp, broken table, general garbage.

  • Moved on to find tree across road.  Cut it out of the way with a chainsaw.

  • Dropped trailer in middle of road to be more efficient in looking for a new spot.

  • Forward momentum is slow so I decide to lower air pressure in the tires.

  • On the 1st tire, the ARB deflator won’t let go of the valve core  My son calls out, “Are we stuck again?”

  • Can’t find needle nose pliers to get it out.  Dig out spare valve core and thread it in with valve core tool.

  • Get moving again.  Road dead ends 2 miles up the road.  Reverse all the way back to trailer and hook up.  (30 minutes lost)

  • Drop trailer in thrashed camp site.  Have to back the trailer in and out several times uphill and around a corner.  Tranny gets hot and goes into limp mode.

  • Clear code (3 times) and let it cool down a bit.  Drop into 4 low.

  • Cross highway to check out another FS road.  Has a nice spot but there is a vehicle already parked there.  Snowshoers maybe?

  • Head back across highway take the other road at the Y.  Find a nice place about 3 miles up the road down another road 1 mile.  Head back for trailer,

  • On way to get trailer I find “better spot”  Driving into spot I get stuck.  High centered on the skid plates stuck.

  • Where did I leave that winch controller???  Shoot my big shovel is in the trailer also.

  • Was able to dig myself out some and use Maxtrax to get out the rest of the way. (20 min lost)

  • Hooked up to trailer and pulled it to camp.

  • Get to camp and start to set up. (3pm)

  • Cook dinner.  Starts to snow.  Somehow get text that a big storm is moving in. (5pm)

  • After dinner pre-load truck in case we have to bolt quickly.

  • Finish movie, 1 last bathroom break, & still snowing hard (9:30pm)

  • Can’t sleep because wrist hurts, son is having night terrors, and large amounts of snow is hitting tent from tree accumulation.

  • Make decision to get outta dodge. (midnight)

  • Leave camp. (1:15am)

  • Thankfully it is mostly down hill.  The ruts in the road are mostly filled with fresh snow.  

  • Large branches and small trees are bowing over the road from the heavy weight of the snow.  I accelerate faster to punch through them.

  • Snow is splashing over the hood as if I a fording a river because of the build up from the center of the road.  It is packing into the wipers. Wipers and defrost can’t keep up.

  • Have to stop multiple times to clear the snow from the headlight and roof lights so that they can shine onto the roadway.  Also clear snow from wipers, cowl, and grille.

  • It is almost apocalyptic!

  • Near bottom of hill I shift into 4high in preparation to pull onto highway.  In my head I assumed the highway would have little to know snow and probably plowed.  Nope!

  • I don’t stop at the stop sign at the top of the little rise as I head out onto the highway.  The highway is covered in compact snow and ice.

  • Pull into 1st gas station I find to air up tires under their filling station canopy.

  • While Airing up the local sheriff tells me that they are expecting 8-12 more inches of snow that coming day. (1:45am)

  • Drive home slowly.

  • Get home, park in driveway half hanging over the sidewalk, and text family that I made it home. (4:15am)


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Closing Statements


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