Off Road podcast Episode 117 - Three Guys One Bowl A Gambler 500 Interview

Welcome to the off road podcast. I'm your host, Ben. Today we will be exploring the off road world-- whether you like crawling up rock ledges or enjoy exploring the backroads with your family. Stay with us to find out events in your area, off road news, and topics to interest every guy & girl who craves the outdoors as seen through the windshield.

Normally it would be the team and i but the internet got angry and delayed our christmas shopping guide so instead this week you are getting our interview with the guys from the Gambler 500. So please sit back and enjoy but first

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The Interview

Today we have Tate, Mitchell & Andy  from portland oregon and they are the original crew from the gambler 500

  • Let's talk about you

B) How did you get started off-roading?

A) What was your first rig?

C) What's your rig Now?

B) What type of wheeling do you like to do?

A) Most embarrassing moment on the trail?

C) as a part of the firearms radio network we got to ask are Into shooting at all?

B) Do you get to go out and camp very often?

  • Gambler 500

B) What gave you the idea to start the Gambler?

C) How long has it been going on?

B) It’s not a race so how does it work?

A) On a weekend long event are both days for the competition?

C) Costs or entry Fee?

B) What do people use to navigate?

A) Any strategy to competing?

C) Are there teams with multiple vehicles or do people team up at the event?

B) Are the trails difficult?  If so, are there harder and easier routes?

A) Are there any prizes?


C) how much planning to put on an event like this? Do you do more than 1 event a year?

B) Were you concerned about how popular it became when your video went viral?

A) How many other Gambler events have popped up since you started?

C) What happens at the ½ way point of the event for the camp portion?

B) What is the biggest turnout that you have had?  Did they all finish?

A) What do people do with their cars after the event?

C) Besides the Cadillac and grand marquis what is your Favorite vehicle you have seen at your event?

B) What’s your affiliation with Chubbies?

A) How important are themes?

C) With so many imitators, Tell us who you are where we can find you

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Closing Statements

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