Off Road Podcast Episode 106 - Preparing for hunting season

Welcome to the off road podcast. I'm your host, Ben. Today we will be exploring the off road world-- whether you like crawling up rock ledges or enjoy exploring the backroads with your family. Stay with us to find out events in your area, off road news, and topics to interest every guy & girl who craves the outdoors, as seen through the windshield. I am here with my co-hosts Aaron & Steve. How’s everyone doing tonight?

Anyone done anything exciting?

  • Ben - went camping and bought a winch.

  • Aaron - Went camping, stayed up too late, fabbed and welded up some brackets to the front of the race car so I can flat tow it.

  • Steve - new tires on the suburban

Listener feedback

No listener feedback this week but if you are interested in joining the team and contributing to show let us know and we can fill you in on detail we normally record monday or tuesday @ 8pm pacific.  Do  you need some brass, do you need some bullets? How about some AR-15 parts?  Then Check out Rocky mountain Reloading at  They have plated bullets, cast bullets, pulled bullets and their own brand of jacketed bullets.  They also have lots of different brass for pistol and rifle calibers. Offroad5 is the discount code.

Events and Happenings

  • Wheelin with warriors Evans Creek August 21st

  • Off-road Expo Oct 1-2 Po-mo-na, CA

  • Trail Hero October 5th-8th in Hurricane, Utah

  • Overland Expo East Asheville, N Carolina Oct 7-9th

  • Rebelle Rally Oct 13-22 Lake Tahoe - Nevada desert - San Diego

  • Sema Vegas November 1-4

  • Listener trail ride at Tahuya ORP.  September 17th 9:30-4pm.  No experience required.  We'll meet up at the Safeway in Belfair at 9:30am and roll out by 10am. You can get and lunch stuff there. A valid Discover Pass is needed.  The only requirements are 4WD and front and rear recovery points. A spill kit, fire extinguisher, and tow strap aren't required but heavily suggested.

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Amazon Spotlight

12v 30’ LED string light $8 & USB Charger $11.  Fun way to light up your camp or tent for cheap.  Takes up very little space.

Tech Tip

  • Snatch block.  If you’ve got a winch on your rig you should have at least one snatch block.  They can be used to winch from different angles or used to double the pull strength of the winch.  A quick search of the internet didn’t come up with anything on failed snatch blocks.  That said, buy the most expensive one that you can afford, like any equipment.  You might want to have 2, 1 for synthetic rope and the other for wire rope.  The wire rope will make rough marks in the pulley wheel that can damage a synthetic line.  Make sure you mark them.  Don’t forget the shackles!

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Off Road News

Main topic - Prepping your rig for hunting season

  • Vehicle needs

Jumper Cables

Ice Scraper

Tire Chains

Extra Fluids

Shovel (crazy beaver shovel)

Spare tire

Tire patch/plug kit

Chain saw /or bow saw

Routine maintenance

Recovery Kit

Battery maintenance

  • Personal Needs

Toilet Paper

Emergency Food & Water

Water purification



Extra Set of Socks

First Aid kit

Aid Kit -Trauma Shears -Scissors x2 -tweezers x2 -flexible adherence wrap bandage x2 -Triangle bandage x10 -adhesive tape medical, x2 -athletic tape x2 -thin medical tape -ace bandage 3" wide x2 -ace bandage 6" wide x1 -gloves, 8 pairs -CPR face shield -large gauze wrap -1" bandage wrap x3 -band aids -wound closure strips(butterfly) -Dermabond x2 -Halo Chest Wound Seals x4 -50g Quick-Clot x2 -Israeli Rapid Trauma Bandage/Wraps X1 -8x10 trauma dressing x2 -5x9 gauze x2 -3x3 gauze pad x5 -2x2 gauze pad x2 -rolled gauze x2 -bulk gauze pack x2 -tampons x4 -Plastic Baggie x4 -burn dressing x5 -tourniquet -eye gauze X1 -eye wash x2 -safety pins -smelling salts x4 -tongue depressors x5 -cold pack X1 -antibiotic ointment x9 -burn gel x1 -alcohol wipes x13 -Glucose Doses x3 -Motrin -Tylenol -Anti-diarrheal -pepto bismol -Benadryl -anti-itch cream -emergency blanket x2 -finger splints(1 large, 1medium) -SAM Splint - 36" -Sharpie Permanent Marker

Fire Starter

Tarp canvas is nice

Be prepared for any type of weather

  • Gun storage options - Do's and don'ts

Do not leave your gun loaded follow state laws

Proper camp storage

Do not shoot from the road

Follow the 4 universal gun safety rules

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Closing Statements

we are a proud part of the firearms radio network. your one stop shop for your firearms radio entertainment please leave us some feedback at also leave us some comments on itunes, our web page or on your podcatcher app to help promote the show. full show notes avliable at Don't forget to visit our facebook Or our Instagram @offroadpodcast And always when offroad please remember be smart, courteous, alert, safe and as always have fun tread lightly, And thank you for listening.