Off Road Podcast Episode 093 - Tis Just A Flesh Wound

Welcome to the off road podcast. I'm your host, Ben. Today we will be exploring the off road world-- whether you like crawling up rock ledges or enjoy exploring the backroads with your family. Stay with us to find out events in your area, off road news, and topics to interest every guy & girl who craves the outdoors, as seen through the windshield. I am here with my co host Steve our guest Aaron. How’s everyone doing tonight?

Anyone done anything exciting?

  • Ben

  • Steve

  • Aaron

Listener feedback

Robert H. messaged via facebook “Keep up the great work. Junk yard show was the favorite so far.”

feel free to write in any time via facebook or our email

Tread of the week, worst mods you have done

myself was cool air intake helped me hydrolock my heep

Aaron lift shackles that inverted his pack

Amos steel wheels that wouldn't balance

Robert h wheel spacers wore out his wheel bearing a weekly thread on facebook to ask for your opinion on stuff. This week, what’s a cheap mod you would recommend and we will talk about it on the next show.

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Events and Happenings

  • FRN listener party at the NRA show may 21st @7pm at the cardinal hall of fame in Louisville Kentucky

If they can say "Ambidextrous" as well as Jake he will buy them a drink.

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Off Road News


Main Topic                               

  • Ben's First Aid Kit
    -Trauma Shears
    -Scissors x2
    -tweezers x2
    -flexible adherence wrap bandage x2
    -Triangle bandage x10
    -adhesive tape medical, x2
    -athletic tape x2
    -thin medical tape
    -ace bandage 3" wide x2
    -ace bandage 6" wide x1
    -gloves, 8 pairs
    -CPR face shield
    -large gauze wrap
    -1" bandage wrap x3
    -band aids
    -wound closure strips(butterfly)
    -Dermabond x2
    -Halo Chest Wound Seals x4
    -50g Quick-Clot x2
    -Israeli Rapid Trauma Bandage/Wraps X1
    -8x10 trauma dressing x2
    -5x9 gauze x2
    -3x3 gauze pad x5
    -2x2 gauze pad x2
    -rolled gauze x2
    -bulk gauze pack x2
    -tampons x4
    -Plastic Baggie x4
    -burn dressing x5

  • C.a.t.s (combat aids tourniquet system)

  • R.a.t.s (rapid aid tourniquet system)
    -eye gauze X1
    -eye wash x2
    -safety pins
    -smelling salts x4
    -tongue depressors x5
    -cold pack X1
    -antibiotic ointment x9
    -burn gel x1
    -alcohol wipes x13
    -Glucose Doses x3
    -pepto bismol
    -anti-itch cream
    -emergency blanket x2
    -finger splints(1 large, 1medium)
    -SAM Splint - 36"
    -Sharpie Permanent Marker

    -Powdered pedialyte

    -Powdered emergenC

    -Plastic syringe

    -GPS (Map Datum)

    -any prescription medication (few days worth)

Closing Statements

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