Offroad Podcast 089 - Story Time

On this show we cover all things offroad whether you're looking for some Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or some hard core rock crawling we will cover it all. I'm your host Ben and joining me is my fellow host Steve and our guests Aaron & Joe! How are you?

Anyone done anything exciting

  • Ben jeep

Clutch what clutch driving home and why you don’t go alone

  • Catching up with Joe how he’s doing and (boring)tracker stuff

Listener feedback

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Events and Happenings

  • Jeep Blitz presented by Steinjäger April 15-17 in Bushnell, Illinois

  • Pacific Northwest Off Road Racing Series

  • April 30th 2016 Straddleline wa (short course)

  • May 21st 2016 Straddeline (short course)

  • April 15th 2016 Morris Jeep Event look for forever wave and tell them hi for us

  • FRN listener party at nra show may 21st @7pm at the cardinal hall of fame in Louisville Kentucky

If they can say "Ambidextrous" as well as Jake he will buy them a drink.

  • Stone mountain machine gun shoot in Monroeton, PA April 30- may 1st look for joe he will be there and i (he) will have a Box of Green Tip 5.56 PMC ammo for the person who picks me out!!!

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Off Road News

Sold for $225,000.00

Main Topic

  • Story time lesson don’t wheel alone and living through it if you have

closing statements

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