Off Road Podcast episode 076 - Listener ride with Joe


Off Road Podcast episode 076 - Listener ride with Joe

On this show we cover all things offroad whether you're looking for some Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or some hard core rock crawling we will cover it all. I'm your host Ben and joining me is my fellow host Steve and our guest Joe How are you?

Anyone done anything exciting

Events and Happenings

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  • King of the hammers – February 5th 2016
  • Desert Racing 4×4, Sweethearts Drag Races 2-13-16 – Moses Lake WA Sand Dunes 2pm
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Main Topic

when did you first get introduced into the off roading or vehicles in general

tell us about yourself.

we wouldn't be apart of the frn if we didn't ask what you like to shoot.

Make/Model Year: 2002 Chevy Tracker(Really is a rebadged Suzuki Grand Vitara)

Motor: 2.5Liter Suzuki V6

Mileage: 130000

Mods:2 inch Budget spacer lift from Low Range OR.

Warn Premium Hubs

Uniden CB- 510XL, Mic from TA, Wilson 5000 coil/whip

BFG AT 29”

Engine Mods- Intake manifold Mod-

Large conical filter-homemade short ram(noisey lol)

Thrush Turbo muff

Mishaps- Getting stuck because open diffs

Most Embarrassing moment Very stuck.

Favorite type of wheeling-Trails and Rocky Trails- PA has drivable trails which are usually Fun

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Oregon trail offroad team

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closing statements

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