ORP 062 Basics of a oil change

Off Road Podcast Episode 062:  Vehicle maintenance On this show we cover all things off road whether you're looking for some Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or some hard core rock crawling we will cover it all. I'm your host Forrest and joining me are my fellow co hosts Steve and Ben. How are you guys today.

Has anyone done anything off road this week?

Events:  Bullpup shoot in Illinois from the looks of the pics it looks like it went well, Lucas off road expo Pomona offroadexpo.com

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Main Topic: More vehicle maintenance.

The steps to a basic oil change

  1. Start with a warm engine
  2. Use quality products
  3. Always use jack stands
  4. Pull drain plug and let oil drain as long as possible
  5. Pull the filter and check for gasket
  6. While the oil is draining, do your inspection of other components lube front end parts, drive shaft and check other fluid levels. This is also a good time to inspect brakes and rotate tires.
  7. If possible fill the oil filter with fresh oil.  Always lube the new filter's gasket, and install the new filter.  Hand tight is good enough, do not over tighten.
  8. Replace the drain plug, snug is good enough, leave the gorilla in the tool box on this one.
  9. Add the recommended number of quarts, start engine, let it build oil pressure, then turn off the engine and let it sit for a few seconds, then check oil and add more in needed.  Should be at the top of the cross hatched or top hole.
  10. You’re finished, take your vehicle off the jack stands.
  11. Additives and what not, Lucas and other additives.

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closing statements

be smart be courteous and be alert and as always have fun.

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