ORP 058 Sand Driving Skills

This week steve and forrest talk about the skills to have a fun time wheeling in the sand.

Off Road Podcast Episode 58 Sand Driving Skills

Host Forrest throwing some roost
Host Forrest throwing some roost

On this show we cover all things off road whether you're looking for some Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or some hard core rock crawling we will cover it all. I'm your host Forrest and joining me are my fellow co hosts Steve, Bradley and Ben. How are you guys today.

Weekley adventures

have you guys done anything exciting this week or off road related.

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listener feedback

bob wrote

Recently went out to the Oceano dunes with some friends. Looking for some advice regarding off-roading in the sand here are some of my questions I have:

  1. Recommended rigs and set up.
  2. Tire combinations and air pressures
  3. Towing in the sand
  4. Recovery options / tricks to get out of sand
  5. General actives at the dunes / off-road equipment at the dunes.
  6. Possible safety concerns

Thanks any info is appreciated!


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Main Topic sand driving skills

Sand Knowledge

  1. recovery skills
  1. know how to use your recovery equipment tow ropes tow hooks winch etc.
  2. make sure you have proper recovery tools.
  1. proper tow points front and rear of vehicle attached to frame
  2. proper tow strap nothing with hooks and rated for at least twice your  vehicle weight.
  3. winch movable from front to rear is best and mounted properly.
  4. land anchor if using winch. also a snatch block
  5. momentum is your friend when towing someone out .
  6. Sand driving
  1. air pressure is king lower is better in the sand, don't go so low that you pull your tire off the bead or run beadlocks.
  2. know how to use your vehicle and its off road systems ie four wheel drive or lockers.
  1. know how your four wheel drive engages and weather it's gonna be better in low range or high.
  1. some low ranges are too low and don't allow enough tire speed.
  2. Tires and tire pressures
  3. wide knobby tires work great mud tires like swampers turned                  backwards can act like sand paddle
  4. sand paddles work great but cannot be used on the street also you need power to turn them
  5. safety concerns
  1. all vehicles in dunes should be flying a flag
  2. watch for other riders while coming over the peak of a dune no blind jumping
  3. if having to jack a vehicle up in the sand remember that sand is soft and moves really easily vehicle can crush you.
  4. when winching or towing stay far away out of the radius of lines. watch for snapping lines.
  5. always be on the lookout for other drivers or riders lots of inexperienced riders and drivers out there.

closing statements

be smart be courteous and be alert and as always have fun.

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