ORP 053 - Fabrication


Forrest Ben and Steve interview a listener about his ride and talk about basic fabrication tools and skills. Off road podcast episode 53

On this show we cover all things off road whether you're looking for some Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or some hard core rock crawling we will cover it all. I'm your host Forrest and joining me are my fellow co hosts Steve and Ben. How are you guys today. Also in the house today is our resident jared Has anyone done anything off road this week: Steve

Ben:  4x4 open house and BBQ followed by killing my exhaust manifold on the way home


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Listener feedback:/ listener ride Jared’s ride

what is your ride

how many miles are on it

are there any modifications

how did you get into wheeling

best stuck story or embarrassing moment

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Main Topic: Fabrication

• basics of fabrication - always wear safety gear - gloves - glasses - coveralls or appropriate gear - hearing protection

  • fiberglass welding blanket

tools used for the job - welder - cutting torch - grinders/cutoff - benders /notcher - tape measure=best friend

  • duct tape
  • cardboard
  • square

skills used for the job - welding - use of different equipment / types of welders/ stick welders? Arc welder is stick mixed with gases or not right, good for fabrication?

it's what father inlaw and old timers used use two battery's linked and can do stick weld on trail with jumpers - mechanical experience - knowledge of materials needed

  • Internet resources with free educational info



Lincoln YouTube university

local community college / night class though high school

  • materials and plan - have a plan bought or drawn up yourself - plan for materials to order or buy - what's your idea of your finished product rock bouncer sand buggy etc