ORP 035 - Why We Don't Wheel With Listener Feedback

Welcome to the Off Road Podcast!!  I am your host Greg and joining me is Jeff. In this podcast we’ll cover all things offroad.  Whether you're looking for Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or hard core rock crawling, we will cover it all. Episode 35!!!

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Listener Feedback: Why We Don't Wheel

Greg and Jeff, thanks for going over my last email on re gearing my tj if I switched to 35s, I thought I left my name but after a check I must have forgot.  I have decided to stay on 33s for now and am looking into the MTRs any thoughts on them would be appreciated.  Thanks again,  Dan

Hey guys

First off I love the podcast and the info is great, I just listened to the weight podcast and heard about double hi lifting a rig and I thought to write about this. I was wheeling and got stuck then used my hi lift as a come along and the handle snapped back and broke my fore arm. But i splinted my arm and finished the trip. Would it be possible to do a show on trail safety so this doesn't happen to someone else? Keep up the great work guys


Ps you guys are goofballs (in a good way )

ok today i started your podcast i normally enjoy it but i realized that my wife does more 4x4 adventuring with her bone stock jeep patriot  latitude.  Yes she did manage to get it stuck and needed to be rescued.


i bought a 87 4runner  and it is pretty good on the body but the motor has 300,000+ miles on it. i want to use it as a cross country rig, im going to drive across country and go through mild trails in mountains and desert and live out of it camping style in summer 2017. i am going to explore the west in this truck for 3 months straight so i need it reliable. i currently put two coats of AL'S heat and noise reducer and have one coat of monstaliner in the interior. i also plan on monstalinering the outside. it has IFS and i would like more travel and i dont know which direction to go. im not sure if i should put a lift on it ive read that the lift doesnt really benefit me asi can fit 31" tires with the stock suspesion. it does need new suspension im pretty sure it is original from 87. i was looking at doing the OME 2" kit, but after some research m not sure if a lift kit is needed. i know i want a locker and was thinking about getting a elocker from a newer 4runner. i do need to rebuild the motor but i have never tackled a project like this before. is there anything else that i need or should look into?

i just found out about your show and i love it. it keeps me up at work haha


Hello Greg and Jeff!

So I'm actually emailing in regards to my husband. Let me explain-- so my husband (his name is Calvin) LOVES the Offroad podcast. He discovered you about a month ago and listens to you CONSTANTLY! He says you have about 40 episodes and he has already listened to probably about half of them! But he LOVES the show-- he's a huge jeeping/truck guy and he basically has conversations with you as you do your podcast. He will respond to questions you ask each other, etc. It's pretty fun to watch :)

Like I said, he's a pretty big jeeping guy. When we first got married 5 1/2 years ago he had a TJ (1998?) and it was the Sport edition, and he did a bunch of stuff to it (a lot of mumbo jumbo that I don't understand!) but we were actually in Moab in 2011 and we rolled it on the highway going to our next trail (we live in Northern Utah, so we go to Moab quite a bit....) anyway, he now has a Jeep Cherokee, and I'm not sure of the year.... I wanna say 1989? Anyway, he has done a bunch of stuff to the "rear end" and the axles I believe.... He also has a 1966 Chevy truck that he is restoring at the moment. Sorry I sound terrible with this kind of talk! Anyway, the point of this email is to see if you would be willing to tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the show? just a quick shout-out would literally make his WHOLE day. His birthday is 3/7,(he turns 28 years old) so this Saturday. Obviously it doesn't have to be on his birthday but I plan on not telling him and then one day he will be listening and will be SO caught off guard and so excited! thank you so much!

ps- he also loves your show because "riding the Rubicon" is on his bucket list :)

thank you for your time!  --Angie

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Amazon Affiliate Link Help support the show!!