ORP 034 - Weight vs Strength

Intro:  Welcome to the Off Road Podcast!!  I am your host Greg and joining me is Jeff. In this podcast we’ll cover all things offroad.  Whether you're looking for Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or hard core rock crawling, we will cover it all.     

Episode 34!!!

What did you do this week?

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Photo by: Spidertrax Off-Road

Listener Feedback:

Hey Greg and Jeff love the podcast!!!

I have a stock 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK) In my spare time I like to take the jeep muddin and I always get small rocks wedged in my brake calipers and it makes the worst sounds when I get back on the pavement. I was wondering if y'all have ever had this happen and if there is any way of preventing this from happening? Thanks and keep up the good work!!!


Main Topic:  Light weight vs. Strength?

Aluminum vs steel?

Axles compared to weight...

Amazon Affiliate Link Help support the show!!

Trip Reports:  None...


Amazon Affiliate Link Help support the show!!