ORP 012 - Hammers Time Challenge

Welcome to the Off Road Podcast!!  I am your host Greg Bakken and joining me is my co host Jeff Bakken...This is the podcast for all things offroad.  Whether you're looking for Sunday jaunts on some fire roads or hard core rock crawling, we will cover it all. What's up Jeff?


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Hey guys my name is Kyle and I'm a big fan! As the topic of off-roading comes up trail carnage is always part of the story. My question is; do you two have experience with balljoint failure? A couple years ago a buddy and I set off down wrecking ball trail out in Johnson valley the night before the king of the hammers race. My buddy ended up shearing both ball joints so completely that he ended up with his wheel out in front of the jeep about 3 feet, tie rod still attached. Axle shaft was broken and we spent all night trying to piece the jeep back together with no success. In the morning panicked race officials told us to get the heck off the trail before the race started because we were broken in a major part of the race course! After 10 hours of untra 4 racing we returned to the stranded jeep (now with many more paint chips). Had any similar experiences? Also have you two been out to king of the hammers?

Thanks! Hope to hear some of this on the air!



Both my son Kyle and I have recently discovered your podcast and are thoroughly enjoying it. Right now I'm sitting in Dodger stadium waiting for a game to start, and listening to your podcast.  You actually cover two of my favorite things-  4x4s and AR's.

I like that you blend advance tech talk with explanations for newbies.   We run a fairly decently built '02 TJ. I just turned on a buddy that bought a lightly built JK rubicon to your program, and you speak to both of us.

So for the challenge- you can't call yourselves true California wheelers without attending and covering King Of The Hammers this February. We would love to meet you out there and show off some SoCal wheeling.

Until then keep up the good work.


First off love the show I'm relatively new to off road and y'all have some great information about wheeling. But 2 things the first is you can use a passenger side drop axle on a drivers side drop truck but you have to flip the knuckles ( both inner and outer c's) and use a reverse rotation gear set. The second is that would be able to get more info on doing a axle swap in a late model chevy I have a 05 chevy 1500 that I'm looking to swap in 3/4 or 1 ton dodge axles (because the drop is right and the abs sensor have the same plugs and resistance) but what would recommend as far as suspension it does get street driven as well as off road. Any help would be awesome. Y'all keep up the good work


Thanks for reading my email really enjoyed it!

You guys really made me laugh when you were talking about getting off topic with the diesel engine! That is another thing I can't get enough of and would love to swap it in my jeep.

Thanks again for a great show, keep up the good work!

Greg, I forgot to ask which Currie kit did you get?

Could I get the basic rock jock kit, and add the arms later to keep the kit price low over time?

Have a Great Day!


I am a long time dirt lover that has left the dirt world temporarily.  I had a lifted 2007 Xterra 4x4 sitting on 34s.  Not a crazy JK or anything but it got the job done.  Since then I sold it for a more family friendly Subaru.  I am looking at getting another 4x4 but this time a truck for the added ability to carry more stuff.  Well that all said, here is my question... Can you explain the benefits and disadvantages of a longer versus shorter wheel base?  I am specifically looking at Toyota Tacoma's and they come in a long bed and a short bed model.   This would apply to other trucks as well, like crazy full sized Dodges!

Thanks and love the podcast!


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