TGC 066 - Is Gun Control REALLY Racist?

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Today on the show I want to try to dive into a topic that might make you feel a little uncomfortable. Racism has almost been weaponized by mass media these days. It seems as though every day we are getting word that someone else did something racist and they should be burned at the stake for it. Well according to our guest tonight, gun control... one of the biggest staples of the anti-freedom diet... gun control at its core, is racist. We are going to dive into that and a few other things.

Joining me tonight is my long-lost co host, Johnny Bragg!

And of course, we have a guest tonight. This man hails from one of the most wretched hives of scum and villainy... The state of new jersey. And he also heads up a group known as 2A For Everyone. Let’s welcome to the show, Tony Simon!
IG: @simonsaystrain


  • Gun control is racist

  • Origins of gun control

  • Black gun ownership

  • Gun owners are a new minority group

  • 2a4e