Welcome back to The Gun Collective podcast. My name is Jon Patton.

Tonight we brought in a heavy hitter to explore the topic of demonetization and how exactly it affects gun channels and youtubers in general. In order to do that, I require the assistance of my trusty cohost. Everyone welcome the hill person who understands drama better than a llama, Johnny Bragg.

And our guest tonight, has been making gun videos on YouTube since September 2012, over 6 years in the game, and he continues to grow and be one of the most popular guntubers around with over 330,000 subscribers. Everyone say hey to MrGunsNgear.

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  • Why does this matter to the average viewer?

  • Demonetized videos

  • Demonetized channels

  • How does this effect videos individually?

  • How might it affect a channel?

  • Can we fight it?

  • Monetization