TGC 050 - What makes a gun channel good?

Tonight on The Gun Collective podcast, Jon Patton dives into a topic that is near and dear to his heart. The topic of What makes a gun channel good? I don’t specifically mean youtube or any one platform.
When I say gun channel, I mean outlet. So, with that in mind, I’m gonna need some help as per usual to wade through this topic and tonight I am joined by some guys that have a vested interest in this very topic.

Joining us we have Johnny Bragg, then, the man behind High Caliber History, Logan Metesh is here with us, and last but not least, the man behind the Firearms Radio Network, Shawn Herrin!

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  • Define Gun Channel - media outlet

  • Presentation
    -Speaking skills/Speed/Clarity
    -Story telling
    -Attitude of presenter/how they carry themselves

  • Topics chosen/Approach thereof/preparation

  • Energy

  • Production quality - Low effort vs high effort - why both have relevance

  • Gear - lights, cameras, editing

  • Value proposition

  • Tell me up front, without saying “this video” 100 times, what its about

  • Bring the viewer along on a journey

  • ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE - relationship with the audience

  • Thumbnails, metadata, sponsors