TLP 304 - AK KORNER Part 12: PSA AK-V 9mm



-Talking Lead Podcast

Happy Father's Day weekend and Welcome back to the Season 1 Finale of the Talking Lead AK Korner. To round out Season 1 of the AK Korner Lefty and Shwell invite the gang from Palmetto State Armory to talk about their line of AK-47s that appeal to the blue collar wallet but deliver a white collar quality product. Chad Wylie, CEO of Palmetto State Armory and Colton Sons Senior Engineer join us to talk details about PSA's AK rifles and pistols to include their new generation 3 AK-47, the AK-P and the wildly popular AK-V 9mm pistol variation. Chad and Colton also tease us with some pretty sweet news on up coming projects that include a 7.62x39 RPK clone!

We have had an amazing first season learning about the AK-47 rifle and it's counterparts with great guests like Jim Fuller with Rifle Dynamics, Brian Keeney with Occam Defense and Vincent Buckles with Mesa Kinetic Research. Top tier trainers like Travis Haley with Haley Strategic Partners , James Yeager with Tactical Response and historians and gurus like Jeff Kirkham with Ready Man Network, Marco Vorobeiv former Soviet Spetsnaz and David Fortier author Book Of The AK-47. The Talking Lead AK Korner Season 2 will be even better!