TLP 299 - AK KORNER Part 11: Philosophy Of Use

“Leaducating The Unleaducated”

“Leaducating The Unleaducated”

Welcome back to another episode of the Talking Lead AK Korner presented by Pioneer Arms Corp. For Part 11, joining Lefty as co-host, is CJ Johnson, president of Pioneer Arms USA. Our guests are retired Green Beret and Author, Jeff Kirkham and returning AK-K guest, Owner of Mesa Kinetic Research and Reality TV Star, Vincent Buckles.

Jeff Kirkham served 29 years as a Green Beret and during that time he spent 8 years in Afghanistan and Iraq as a member of a Counter Terrorism Direct Action Unit. His rifle of choice? The AK-47. Jeff talks about why he preferred the AK and how it served him well.

Vincent Buckles was on Part 2 of our AK Korner where he brought in his experience as a lifelong gunsmith to talk about the different parts and varying designs of the AK-47. This time Vincent brings his many years of working on and using the AK-47 to Part 11 to talk about why the AK is such a formidable rifle. Vincent also takes his passion for the AK-47 to the next level by designing his own AK rifle the MKUltra!

Our guests answer your questions and Pioneer Arms Corp gives away another Hellpup!