TLP 296 - Jeff Kirkham READYMAN / RATs Tourniquet / Black Rifle Coffee / Black Autumn



Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast. In this episode our guest is Green Beret, Author, Inventor & Entrepreneur Jeff Kirkham. Also joining in on the conversation is Jarrad Markel of Student Of The Gun and Jacob Herman with Night Fision.

Jeff talks about his time as a Green Beret and how he has built his empire from his 30 years of experiences while in service. To the RATs Tourniquet, to Black Rifle Coffee to READYMAN Media and the Black Autumn novel series which was created as more of an emergency preparedness cautionary tale than a work of fiction.

The Talking Lead Jackwagon Train makes a much needed stop by the Leadquarters for a Jackwagon pick-up haul. Making the cut this trip is Pittsburgh for enacting 3 new gun control laws, & 2020 Presidential candidate Kamala Harris for her 2nd Amendment hypocrisy.

To counter all this "Jackwagonness" we have asked you Lead Heads to come up with the name and vehicle for a new segment that focuses on the good guys and gals out there that are doing good deeds and looking out for freedoms and rights in America. We read a few suggestions and have fun with it.

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