TLP 284 - THE AK KORNER Part 8: Accessories

AK Korner Part 8 Cover.jpg

Welcome back to the Talking Lead AK Korner presented by Pioneer Arms Corp! Part 8 of our educational journey into the world of AK-47s leads us to the land of Accessories. And what a vast land it is. Joining Lefty and Shwell to help explore the topic of AK-47 accessories is Sven Jonsson of Manticore Arms and coming back for a third visit we have AK-47 expert Brian Keeney of Occam Defense Solutions.

From stocks, to magazines, to handguards, to muzzle devices and everything in between we discuss the many different options, where to get them and what to keep in mind when purchasing and adding accessories to keep your AK 922r compliant.

Sven and Brian offer some fantastic listener-only-discounts from Manticore Arms' and Occam Defense Solutions' online stores. And we give away another Pioneer Arms Corp AK-47 Hellpup to our 8th lucky listener.