TLP 279 - The New CP33 Pistol & KS7 Bullpup Shotgun


It's time for another episode of the Talking Lead Podcast! We live up to our reputation as being the podcast the Firearms Industry goes to for their exclusive releases of new products. Chad Enos with Kel-Tec Weapons drops some sweet news on the Lead Head Brigade by telling us about their new 22lr pistol the CP33 and their new bullpup shotgun the KS7. But before we get the low down on these new offerings from Kel-Tec the Gunny storms in with the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train. Jackwagons this week include: Dianne Feinstein and her underhanded crew of Senators. The legacy seeking witch is back at it with her new "Assault Weapons Ban",  an Ohio man steals a gun from a man dying at the scene of a motorcycle accident, Trolls on social media and more.

We give away our second Talking Lead-Buck Knives-Streamlight-FLEOA EDC Pocket Dump Reward! We still have 8 more to give away so listen up and take part!