TLP 276 - THE AK KORNER PART 6: Travis Haley, Jim Fuller & Brian Keeney

TLP 276 - THE AK KORNER PART 6: Travis Haley, Jim Fuller & Brian Keeney

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It is that time of month when we talk all things AK-47 on the Talking Lead AK Korner presented by Pioneer Arms CorpPart 6 is all about training with your AK-47.  Joining Lefty this episode is Brian Keeney of OCCAM Defense.  Brian brings with him two of the industry's most revered AK-47 experts Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners and Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics to talk philosophies of training.  After we get some great training tips from Travis, Jim and Brian, Lefty hits the guys with your "Lead Head" submitted questions.

Next Brian talks about OCCAM Defense's new ODS-1775 AKM pattern rifle and his journey that ultimately led him to building this beast of a rifle that is capable of shooting 1 MOA and better at ranges not typical for an AK-47.

Haley Strategic Partners: Bringing together the leading tactical, strategic and design professionals in the world, Haley Strategic harnesses experience and passion to raise the bar and drive action leading to greatness in every project the Company undertakes.

Led by Special Operations Forces veteran CEO Travis Haley, the Haley Strategic team delivers a wealth of services, from dynamic hands-on live fire training to high-level product stress testing and development, to precision-targeted experiential marketing and PR.

Rifle Dynamics (RD): Over a decade ago Jim Fuller fell in love with the AK. It was simple, reliable, and the most produced rifle in the world. It was also far from perfect and not well liked in the U.S.  RD was founded in 2007, in Jim Fuller’s garage, with the express purpose of producing a line of “…fighting rifles anyone could count on.”

Jim's mission is to help popularize the AK platform in the United States by taking away the "bad guy" gun stigma it has carried over the decades in America .  Jim builds AK's that handle with ease, are supremely reliable, incredibly accurate, beautifully crafted, and always deliver.

Occam Defense Solutions Inc. : ODS was born out of a desire to make simple, reliable, and practical weapons for the American Rifleman.  We look for real problems and design elegant solutions for them.  Our name comes from the scientific principle of Occam’s Razor: “All things being equal, the simplest answer is the correct one”.

ODS is located in Idaho, one of the most free states in the union.  ODS loves liberty, and firmly believes that individual access to quality weapons supports liberty on a personal and national level.