TLP 269 - Which Scope Do I Need?

TLP 269 - Optics 101:  Which Scope Do I Need?


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast!  We continue our Optics 101 segment by answering the question: "Which scope do I need...?"  Jeremiah "J-Mack" Alexander  with Riton Optics joins Lefty to talk about which type of optic is right for different types of firearms, certain situations and different scenarios.  We start with home defense and work our way to long-range precision shooting. J-Mack gives the Lead Head Brigade an exclusive on Riton's release of their new Mod7 4-32x56IR scope, talk about long range!

Of course the Gunny comes to the rescue with the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train to haul off a "man-sized" load of Jackwagons.  Making the TLJWT this time is Kleenex, Long Island University & Socialist Ocasio-Cortez.  And one lucky Lady Lead Head get's rewarded for just letting us know she is a Subscriber!

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