TLP 260 - European Vacation: Talking Lead Style

TLP 260 - European Vacation: Talking Lead Style

AKA: Planes, Jackwagon Trains & Tanks!


We are back Lead Heads!  The Talking Lead crew is fresh off the plane from our trip to Poland and the Czech Republic.  This episode we recap our grand adventures touring the Pioneer Arms Corp factory, PA-KO Military Surplus facility and Excalibur Army.

Joining Lefty this episode to talk about all the adventures experienced while in Europe are his traveling companions: Daniel and Brian with Pioneer Arms Corp USA,  David Fortier Editor with the Outdoor Sportsman Group Integrated Media, Robb Manning Editor with Gun World Magizine.  Also joining the group is our host Mike Michalczuk owner of Pioneer Arms Corp.  and the President of Firearms United, Tomasz Stepien.

Before we kick off the European Vacation, Lefty has to take care of some Jackwagons as the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train rolls in!  We also announce another lucky recipient of a Defi Watch from the Talking Lead/Defi Watches/FLEOA 14 Watches for 14 Vets program.