TLP 259 - Kit Cope, ANTIFA Explosions & Defi Deals!

TLP 259 - Kit Cope, ANTIFA Explosions & Defi Deals!


Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Talking Lead Podcast!  We have an explosive show for you Lead Heads.  MMA/ Muay Thai  champion and ATIFA-Squasher Kit Cope joins Lefty to talk about Spikes Tactical's new binary product called Spike-O-Myte!  David with Inland Mfg drops in to tell us about their new enhacned M1-Carbine called the M30-P .30 caliber pistol.  Blowing our minds, again! Lefty is joined by Jerommie Smith of Smith & Bradley Ltd Defi Watches to offer more Lead Head Brigade ONLY deals on S&B and Defi Watches!

Defi Deals for the Lead Heads

The new Sans 13 2.0 watch has started shipping so if you were one of the smart Lead Heads that preordered yours it will arrive soon!  Jerommie is offering a limited time discount on some great watches from Defi Watches and Smith & Bradley Ltd.  You have to listen to find out what the deals are and how to get them!  Hurry these special Talking Lead ONLY deals end September 17th, 2018.

Spike's Tactical Binary Boom to ANTIFA!

Joining Lefty from Spikes Tactical is Kit Cope, Marketing Manager, and Cole LeLeux, General Manager, to talk about their controversial (to leftist) "Not Today ANTIFA" poster and all of the laughable snowflake reactions they received from it.  But this being Spikes Tactical we also get in to some nitty-gritty gun and explosive talks.  Spike-O-Myte is their new binary product that packs a whallop!  The guys also talk about some new sub sonic rounds Spike's is working on, the .440 and .420 sub sonic rounds and more!

Inland Mfg & Hi Point Carbines

David gives us the low down on the new 10mm carbine from Hi Point and the new M30-P .30cal pistol from Inland.

In 1941, with the US being pulled into one of the greatest conflicts in world history, a division of General Motors was tasked to support the war effort.

The result was firearm history with Inland Manufacturing becoming one of the largest gun manufacturers in the US, producing nearly 3 million firearms in less than 5 years.

The most notable of Inland’s firearm production was the .30 Caliber M1 carbine and the folding stock variant, the M1A1 Paratrooper model.