TLP 257-Red White & Mindy Robinson!

TLP 257-Red White & Mindy Robinson!


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads!  Hold on to your seats for an action-packed, full-speed-ahead, no-holds-barred episode with Mike Sodini (Eagle Imports Inc.) and the sensational Mindy Robinson!  Actress, Patriotic Blogger, Host of Red White and F You! Mindy brings an amazing energy to this week's episode talking about her charmed Hollywood career, unbelievable dealings with extreme liberal fanatics, her candidates for the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train, new Facts To Fight The Myths and lots more!

The Talking Lead Jackwagon Train

This week's culprits include the liberal Facebook page and all their followers Occupied Democrats, liberal feminist that DOX conservatives,  Senator Bill Nelson and his stance on 3D printed guns, Peter Fonda and his encouragement for voter fraud and the teacher that expelled a student for wearing an NRA t-shirt!  To counter all this "Jackwagonness" a hero with a gun stops a mass murder during a back-to-school event attended by over 150 people in Florida.

Mindy in the Movies

Coming to a theater near you! Mindy talks about how she serendipitously got a boost into the movie biz.  Her first film experiences and her latest projects.  We talk about The hilarious Mat Best movie Range 15 directed by Ross Patterson.  In her most recent film, Roe V Wade,  Mindy talks about the major misconceptions that people associate with the Roe V Wade case.  Mindy talks in detail about her character, Ellen Mccormack,  one of the first female candidates for president, and some of her on-set antics with cast members like Jon Voight, Jamie Kennedy, William Forsythe, and John Schneider.

Facts To Fight The Myths & 10 Watches For 10 Vets

Mindy hits us with some new Talking Lead Facts To Fight The Myths specifically related to Hollywood.  We continue the Taking Lead/Defi Watches 10 Watches For 10 Vets campaign by presenting our military, law enforcement & first responders with Defi Watches.  2 more watches get presented to 2 more deserving Veterans!