TLP 250 - Prym1 Camo, Charlie Melton & Drop Leg "Knee-Brace" Holsters

TLP 250 - Prym1 Camo, Charlie Melton & Drop Leg "Knee-Brace" Holsters


Welcome to the 250th episode of the Talking Lead Podcast!  5 1/2 years and over 250 episodes and STILL bringing you Lead Heads new information, fun entertainment and great personalities each week.  This week we deliver again.  Joining Lefty is Stacie Walker, creator of Prym1 CamoNavy SEAL sniper, Charlie Melton and developer of the Tejas round Brad Stair to talk about their next world record-breaking longest rifle shot.

Talking Lead Jackwagon Train

This episode's Jackwagon is brought to you courtesy of a fellow Lead HeadDrop Leg "Knee-Brace" holsters do not exist.   Learn how to properly wear your rigs before going out in public.  Stacie and Lefty talk about the proper way to wear a drop leg holster.

Charlie Mike Precision World Record Shot

During our time at the 2018 NRAAM we did many interviews from the Official "Leadquarters" studio at the Eagle Imports Inc. booth.  Charlie Melton, Charlie Mike Precision, and Brad Stair, Tejas cartridges /owner inventor Performance Guns, drop by to talk with Lefty and Mike Sodini about their upcoming attempt at a 7000 yard rifle shot shattering Charlie's previous record of 5025 yards!  While there Mike and Lefty have some fun with the guys and hit them with some off-the-wall questions.

Prym1 Camo

Stacie Walker, creator/owner, of Prym1 Camo is Lefty's guest this episode.  Stacie talks about how her love of hunting, the outdoors and painting inspired her creation of the Prym1 Camo pattern.   We learn more about Stacie from the "Talking Lead New Guy" line of questions.

PRYM1 is a series of patterns that utilize the colors and tones of nature combined with the organic shapes and motion of wildlife to effectively imitate a predator in the wild.