TLP 244 - NRAAM 2018 1-2 Full Conceal, Aklys, Inland, Hi-Point

TLP 244 NRAAM 2018 1-2 Full Conceal, Aklys, Inland, Hi-Point


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast.  This episode we bring you part 2 of our first day coverage of the 2018 National Rifle Association Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Dallas, Texas. from the Official "Leadquarters" at Eagle Imports Inc. booth.  Lefty and Mike Sodini host great guests like Aklys Defense, Full Conceal, Bersa Chat, Inland Mfg & Hi-Point.

Aklys Defense

Friends of the show, Joe Meaux and Charles Watson stop by to talk to us about their recently released AKSV Integrally Suppressed AK Rifle  "Velociraptor" and some new suppressors they have in the works.  Pilum M modular pistol can, Atlas 30 caliber user serviceable suppressor & the Kopis TI (titanium version of Aklys's proven .22LR suppressor).

MKS Supply

Bringing the firearms industry great products from Hi-Point Firearms and Inland Manufacturing, LLC, Charlie and David sit down at the "Leadquarters" to talk about 10mm carbine, Pistol Caliber Competitions (PCC) and Era correct shooting competitions.

Full Conceal

New guy to the show but fit right in from the start, Trey Gingles with Full Conceal brought over their new M3D and M3S super concealable pistols for Mike and Lefty to gawk over.  Full Conceal has taken the popular G19 & G43 pistols and vastly improved concealability, comfort, safety, and firepower through their innovative reengineering process. Trey walks us through that process and the benefits of their pistols.

Bersa Chat

Eagle Imports Inc brings America great firearms from around the globe.  Bersa, Grand Power, Metro Arms Corp, Comanche, SPS, Llama and more.  With that many brands it just stands to reason you are going to have a large user and fan base.  Enter TuxAir owner and administrator of Bersa Chat the largest Bersa forum on the Internet.  JL shares his story of how and why Bersa Chat started and the great information available from this tight-knit fan forum.

Bonus question for you Lead Heads:  If you could be President for the day what would be your first Presidential act?