TLP 242 - The Sodini, Abe & Moe, Geissele & NRAAM

TLP 242 The Sodini, Abe & Moe, Geissele & NRAAM


Welcome back to another loaded episode of the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads!  This week Lefty's co-host is Mike Sodini, President of Eagle Imports.  Eagle will be the "Official Leadquarters" for the 147th NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas.  Mike and Lefty talk about all the exciting and fun events, giveaways and interviews they have planned for NRAAM.  The Talking Lead Jackwagon Train screams in to haul off a big load of Jackwagons.  Guest this week is Diego Muya with Geissele Automatics.  Diego joins the show to talk about Geissele's new complete uppers, SSP single stage trigger and introduces us to a new knife company called Abraham & Moses Survival Equipment.

The Talking Lead Jackwagon Train

The Gunny can't wait to haul off this week's bunch of Jackwagons on the TLJWT.  First up; Nashville, TN (Lefty's neck of the woods) had a mass murder by a complete nut-job at a Waffle House.  The firearm he used was previously taken from him by the FBI but his father gave it back to him, WTF!?  Mike and Lefty talk details about it.  Joining the Waffle House nut-job is the acting Mayor of Nashville, TN David Briely because of his leftist mentality of "never let a crisis go to waste" using this tragedy, blatantly, as a platform for his mayoral election campaign.   Mike's friend Mindy Robinson actress, model and huge 2A proponent (girlfriend of Randy Couture) has been going head-to-head with a hollywood-socialite-butterfly-social-media-troll, Lysa Heslov.  Find out what happens!

Geissele Uppers and Abraham and Moses Knives

 There is no such thing as too much DiegoDiego Muya joins us at two different events to keep us updated on all the great new products Geissele Automatics is offering.  Don't miss the new complete upper by Geissele called the URGI or their new Super Speed Precision single stage triggersDiego tells us all about them during the 2018 SHOT Show at the Kel Tec booth.  Next we catch up with Diego during the Spring Big 3 East Media Event to talk about Giessele's new knife company called Abraham and Moses (Abe & Moe)Diego tells us about their full line of survival knives and sheaths.

Eagle Imports is the Official Leadquarters for the 2018 NRAAM

Lefty and Mike talk about all the reasons you need to plan on being at the 147th NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, Texas May 3-6.  The main reason is WE WILL BE THERE and we will be giving aways firearms and Talking Lead swag!  Make plans to join us at booth 5921 The Official Leadquaters!