TLP 240 - No Other Choice

TLP 240 No Other Choice


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Show Lead Heads!  This episode's special guest is Kevin Dixie owner of No Other Choice (NOC) Firearms Training.

Lefty and Kevin start of the show having a good time throwing Jackwagons on the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train.  This episode's TLJWT is dedicated to crazy chicks.  That thug-wanna-be facebook live chick in Texas that shot her friend in the head, the crazy exercise chick that shot up the YouTube headquarters because they censored her account and that whinny, cowardly, disrespectful,  child-puppet chick from Parkland Florida David Hogg.

Since this is Kevin's first time on the show of course Lefty hits him with the Talking Lead New Guy Questions.  As we find out more about Kevin we also learn more about N.O.C. in the process.  N.O.C. Firearms Training is much more than a firearms and self-defense training company; they are a change agent for all communities.  N.O.C.  provides a much-needed sledge-hammer to break down barriers to get all good people to understand that freedom, prosperity, and liberty is for ALL;   N.O.C. executes this by promotion and preservation of the Second Amendment and will do all we can to make sure our freedoms to be armed remains intact.  “We are more than guns; we are a community”

Aiming For The Truth

Another great initiative Kevin has started is  "Aiming For The Truth".  "Aiming for the Truth"  helps enrich lives to grow equity. Once people have equity, it's easy to teach them to defend it. This is the platform that has been missing from our communities including the 2A community. "The goal is to show people we care about them and can relate to their struggles, assist, invest, and then of course hold people accountable for their actions moving forward." "We have to do more than say guns are cool, Merica, and bacon! If we want to win the fight, we have to invest in lives! The most important capital is HUMAN capital!"