TLP 237 - The "Riesenator", Less Lethal KEDS & Gun Locks


TLP 237 The "Riesenator", Less Lethal KEDS & Gun Locks

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of the Talking Lead Podcast!  This episode we talk about a new less-lethal KSG shotgun from Kel-Tec.  Senior Team Leader Joseph Garcia, of US C-SOG talks about his Giant Schnauzers & Santa Cruz Gun Locks introduces their gun lock system to the civilian market.

Talking Lead Jackwagon Train

Before we continue our interviews from the Kel-Tec LEADQUARTERS at the 2018 SHOT Show, The Gunny roars in with the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train.  This week Lefty goes solo but has plenty of Jackwagons to throw on the TLJWT.  Listen in to find out who earns a seat this episode.

2018 SHOT Show LEADQUARTERS Interviews

This round of interviews starts off with Chad Enos, of Kel-Tec, and Lefty talking with STL Joseph Garcia about Kel-Tec's new less lethal line of KSG shotguns, only available to the US C-SOG team. The Kinetic Energy Deployment System or KEDS, offers Law Enforcement and Special Operations Teams a quickly identifiable and readily deployable Less Lethal Shotgun.  Listen in as STL Garcia explains...

A Legend Retires: Max The "Legend" Riesenschnauzer

With more than 10 years of service Maximus (Max), STL Garcia's number 1 Riesenschnauzer, retires.  STL Garcia shares some heartfelt "best-of-time worst-of-times" stories about Max, how Max came to join the team and Max's after-service plans.  If you don't shed a tear you're not human, grab your tissues and listen to a great farewell salute to Max!  Check out for more on Garcia's "Riesenators"!

Santa Cruz Gun Locks

David Tanos of Santa Cruz Gun Locks joins the conversation next.  David tells us about his "sexy" rapid access weapon retention devices.  This is the product to keep your guns secure and accessible wherever you need them - your truck, UTV, under your bed, in your closet.  Easily assembled and installed their modular system is ready to configure how it bests serves you.  Great for those that like to display their gun collections as well.