TLP 234 - New Scopes, New Ammo, New Gun Imports


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads!  This episode is full of awesome new gunsnew glass, and new (and affordable) ammo you can expect to hit the market this year, 2018.

Starting off the show Lefty has one of his favorite regular guests on to talk about a mega lineup of new guns coming this year.  President of Eagle ImportsMike Sodini, joins us.  Eagle brings the US firearms from around the world, brands like, Bersa, Grand Power, Metro Arms Company (MAC), LLAMA, Comanche, American Classic and more.  One you really don’t want to miss is The Stribog, a new carbine pistol from Grand Power. Featuring a dual mass slide, that significantly reduces recoiland improves overall control of the firearm.

As always when Mike and Lefty get to talking, anything goes!  They manage to work Steven Seagalinto one of their discussions.  Pure energy!

2018 SHOT Show from the Kel-Tec “Leadquarters”

Moving on with Talking Lead‘s coverage of the 2018 SHOT Show from the Official “Leadquarters” at the Kel-Tec booth, Lefty and Chad welcomes Brady of RITON Optics and Jeremy of Freedom Munitions.

Brady tells the guys all about RITON’s new MOD 7 1-8×28 rifle scope that will have first focal plane (FFP) and two different reticles available.  The tactical reticle and big game hunting reticle designed in conjunction with, hunting legend, Craig Boddington.  Brady gives us a quick lesson on FFP vs SFP before he has to jet and he also drops a big discount for you Lead Heads, use code LEADHEAD at and get 25% off your order.

Freedom Munitions is bring the market new ammo at amazing prices.  Jeremy tells us about some of the new Big GrainsHushBoar Buster and Pro Match lines.  A new ballistic hollow point, a new 50 round count box of self-defense ammo for the same price as most 20 count boxes, a new 199grn plated 30cal ( a subsonic 300 blackout round), and the SPECIAL EDITION HUSH STI 2011 9MM PISTOL  are all coming from FM.

The Inevitable Rabbit Hole & New Guy Questions

The conversation strays off topic, as usual, and the guys start going down the Las Vegas restaurant rabbit hole with Jeremy as he tells us about his Las Vegas Chinatown experience.  Since this was Jeremy’s first time on the show…NEW GUY questions!  Always a funny Talking Lead segment.